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Roller J-Cups – Pair

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Roller J-Cups – Pair

The Roller J-Cups from Bells of Steel are designed to give you an even, safe, reliable and easy way to store your barbells. With five inch rubber rollers, you can roll and reposition barbells safely and without the threat of static loading on the ground. These roller j-cups are designed for 2”x3” or 2”x2” rack posts, making them the perfect addition for any home gym or commercial gym space. The Roller J-Cups have a simple yet strong design that allows for easy installation and removal of barbells. The wide roller also ensures that barbells remain balanced and safe while being stored. The rubber rollers help to minimize scratches and damages to your bars, allowing them to last even longer. With three color options, you can easily find a set to match the rest of your gym equipment. A one year warranty is included with the j-cups, giving you peace of mind that these are built to last.


Pros & Cons


• Constructed from heavy-duty steel for superior durability and strength

• Makes lifting heavier weights easier and safer

• Both Hooks and J-Cups fold and slide for easy storage

• Compatible with most standard power racks

• Includes four of each - two Hooks and two J-Cups


• Not compatible with smaller power racks

• Costly for a set of four

• Installation may require additional hardware

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Heavy-duty steel construction

- Allows for weight to be loaded safely

- Fits most standard square and rectangular power racks

- Right & left-handed roller j-cups available

- Can easily be used to do a range of exercises

Should Not Buy:

- Not a good fit if you already have a circular power rack

- Not ideal for inferior power racks


-Made from 1/2” thick black-powder coated steel

-5” tall steel cups with closed tops

-79” of total wall space when mounted to a wall stud

-Rollers have urethane encased rollers for a smooth, durable ride

-End caps have raised rims for easy gripping and control

-Includes mounting hardware