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Back Upright Attachment

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Back Upright Attachment

34-twin-handle-straight-bar The Bells of Steel 34" Twin Handle Straight Bar Cable Attachment is an all-purpose gym attachment that can help improve your overall strength and workout workouts. This cable attachment features two parallel handlebars attached to a straight bar with a maximum load capacity of 500LB. Made of heavy-duty solid steel, the bar features rubberized ergonomic grips to ensure a secure hold during exercise. Additionally, the bar has a knurled, rubberized coating which provides a secure grip even when working with heavier weights. The total length of the attachment is 34" and it is designed to attach to cable machines with 8" Olympic and Ergo plates, making it an ideal choice for full body strength exercises. Whether you are building a home gym or facility, the Bells of Steel 34" Twin Handle Straight Bar Cable Attachment is a great choice for cable-based workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Boosts upper body and core muscle strength

• Versatile and multifunctional

• Can be used to accommodate a variety of exercises

• Durable Construction

• Quality padding for comfort

• Adjustable height


• Expensive piece of equipment

• Not suitable for small spaces

• Requires a proper setup for use

• Can be challenging to change the height and weights

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

• People who want versatility in their workout - this attachment offers multiple cable heights and has Olympic lifting bar attachments.

• People who want a durable and reliable product - this attachment is crafted from 11 gage steel and is designed to take the abuse of Olympic lifting.

• People who don't want to buy an entire home gym - this attachment is compatible with many cable machines and setups, meaning you can buy only what you need.

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

• People who want a fully integrated home gym - this attachment does not have any accessories like pulleys, ropes, or any other common home gym accessories.

• People who are on a budget - this attachment is more expensive than other similar products on the market.

• People who are looking for portability - this attachment is bulky and not intended to move around frequently.


-Feature 50 lbs of weight resistance

-Two 10 lb plates and two 5 lb plates

-Adjustable length from 79" to 90”

-Comfortable foam grip handles

-Knurled steel bar

-Full range of motion for exercises such as pull ups, chin ups, and more

-Powder coated steel construction

Similar Product 1Similar Product 2
500 lbs800 lbs550 lbs
2 sets of uprights & hardware1 step platform1 bench
5 levels3 heights3 settings
130 USD199.99 USD74.99 USD

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