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Single D Rubber Handle

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Single D Rubber Handle

The Bells of Steel Single D Rubber Handle is a great addition to any home or commercial gym. This cable attachment is perfect for a wide range of exercises, from bicep curls to triceps pushdowns to lateral raises. The thick, rubber handle is comfortable to hold and is designed to fit any standard cable machine. The handle is also contoured to fit your hand for better grip and control. The single D handle design allows for maximum range of motion for different exercises. The heavy duty construction ensures durability for even the toughest workouts. Its easy to install and a great way to add variety to your training sessions.


Pros & Cons


• Made from heavy-duty rubber handles for maximum durability

• Available in black or red colors

• Textured surface for an ergonomic grip

• Easy to attach to most cable machines

• Lightweight and portable


• Not suitable for weight lifting exercises

• Handle may not be comfortable for those with larger hands

• Not suitable for Olympic lifts or weightlifting exercises

• May not be suitable for different exercises that require different angles of the handle

Who Should Buy

Should Consider Buying:

• Excellent quality build

• Variety of colors available

• Little wear and tear

• Long-lasting

Should Not Consider Buying:

• Low value for money

• Limited range of exercises

• Not suitable for intense workouts

• Not compatible with all cable machines


-52" long, 1.2" thick handles

-Olympic size smooth sleeve

-Heavy duty steel construction

-Supports up to 450 lbs

-Rubber handles for comfortable grip

-Collar not included

Bells of Steel Single D Rubber HandleProduct 1Product 2Product 3
TypeSingle D Rubber HandleRubber-coated Olympic HandleKnurled Olympic HandleSolid Steel Olympic Handle
Weight2 lbs2.35 lbs2.3 lbs6.35 lbs
FinishBlack rubber coatingPowder-coat finishSilver/gray paint finishHard Chrome finish
Price$50 USD$56 USD$42 USD$60 USD

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