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Berserker Press

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Berserker Press

The Berserker Press from Bells of Steel is a strength training device designed to help fitness enthusiasts strengthen their upper body. It features an ergonomic build, with comfortable handle grips and adjustable heights. Additionally, the press includes a pair of metal weight horns that are adjustable up to two hundred and fifty pounds each, allowing users to tailor the resistance to their desired intensity. The press features a heavy-duty metal frame that provides lasting durability for vigorous upper body training. The adjustable height allows users to easily shift between exercises and positions that target different muscles. The frame also comes with an optional weight storage rack, letting users store their weights when not in use. The optional rack also allows users to protect the weights from potential damage. The Berserker Press is ideal for home gyms and commercial gyms, allowing users to work large muscle groups like the chest, triceps, and lats. The ergonomic design keeps the user in a comfortable position while they exercise, protecting them from potential strain and injury. The adjustable handles also create a more natural range of motion for different exercises. Furthermore, the press is designed to reduce unwanted noise, making it suitable for home gyms and commercial gyms alike. Whether you’re new to fitness or an experienced athlete, the Berserker Press from Bells of Steel is an excellent choice for upper body strength training. With its heavy-duty construction, adjustable height, and adjustable weight horns, users can tailor their resistance and exercise options to their desired intensity and goals. The optional weight storage rack also keeps weights safe and secure when not in use.


Pros & Cons


• Strengthens all areas of the chest and arms, particularly the shoulders and triceps.

• Versatile: can be used to do many different exercises from a standing position.

• Compact and durable design for home and commercial gym use.

• Adjustable weight and a back pad for support.

• Easy to use and adjustable for any user.


• Relatively expensive compared to other models.

• Limited assembly instructions.

• Can be challenging to develop proper form due to the unique shape of the exercise machine.

• Limited warranty period.

• Limited accessories available.

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Looking for an effective full body workout

- Strength training enthusiasts

- Seeking a way to improve your shoulder and chest strength

- Looking to improve your range of motion

- Strong dedication to training

Should Not Buy:

- Not seeking a full body workout

- Not interested in strength training

- Not looking to improve shoulder or chest strength

- Not interested in improving range of motion

- Limited availability for regular training


- 2" hole spacing along arms

- Loadable sleeve length of 11.8"

- 6" uprights, total height = 55"

- Steel thickness = 3/16"

- Uprights can accept up to 7 plates per side (sold separately)

- 4” round base plates

- 1,000 lb weight capacity

Weight CapacityDimensions
645 lbs46" x 28" x 58"
500 lbs43.2" x 34.7" x 59.2"
500 lbs46" x 48" x 58"
500 lbs48" x 24" x 62"
500 lbs42" x 24" x 59"

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