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Deadlift Jack

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Deadlift Jack

The Bells of Steel Deadlift Jack is an ideal piece of strength training equipment for any home gym. This jack is designed to save time and effort during deadlift set-ups, allowing you to quickly lift the weight off the ground with minimal effort. The jack features an ergonomic handlebar, an adjustable height range of 4 – 28.5" (10 - 72.4 cm), and a weight capacity of 550 lbs (250 kg). The heavy-duty construction is made from solid steel with a black powder coated finish, ensuring it can handle heavy use. It's also lightweight, comes pre-assembled, and includes a detachable platform for effortless and clutter-free storage when not in use. The Bells of Steel Deadlift Jack is a reliable and durable piece of strength training equipment that you can use to safely and quickly set up heavy deadlifts.


Pros & Cons


• Built in the USA from high-quality materials

• Works with any type of barbell

• Good value for money

• Lightweight and compact so it’s easy to store

• Easy to use


• Not adjustable, so it’s limited to standard barbell plates

• Not suitable for use on raised surfaces

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Ideal for heavy pulls and power lifts

• Solid construction with strong steel frame to ensure stability and durability

• Can handle up to 325 pounds

• Rubber grips on the handles provide comfortable non-slip grip

• Portable and easy to store – great for home use or small spaces

Should Not Buy:

• Not a piece of equipment for those just getting started in deadlifting

• May not fit the barbells of certain gyms or home set ups

• Not designed to lift weights beyond the stated 325 pound limit


-Six-Ton capacity

-23" Width

-Solid steel construction

-Thick anti-slip handle

-Shipping weight of 42lbs

-1000lbs weight capacity

ProductMaximum Load WeightWeight CapacityOther Features
Bells of Steel Deadlift Jack500 lbs1000 lbsFast and efficient deadlift jacks; Easier transition from the ground; Gripped handles for increased stability
Rep Fitness Performance Half Rack300 lbs400 lbsAdjustable, spotter arms; Can be used to spot for squats, bench press, military press, and many more; Multiple weight storage pins
Xerfit Adjustable Squat Rack300 lbs600 lbsAdjustable squat rack; 6 height positions; Safety Spotter arms
Gorilla Sports Multi-Function Rack400 lbs1000 lbsAdjustable pull-up bar; Spotter arms for safety; Included J-cups, barbell holder and dip bars

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