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Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer

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Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer

-all-in-one-trainer The Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer is an elite commercial-grade gym powerhouse, designed to blast through any workout. This all-in-one home gym is the perfect combination of strength and versatility. Featuring a robust machine frame and tempered steel guide rods, the G12 is designed to stand up to rigorous use. With six stations, it delivers a range of strength training exercises, including cable crossover, leg extension/curl, leg press/calf raise, incline/decline bench, pec/rear delt fly and lat pulldown. The G12 also features industrial-grade cables, with low coefficient of friction, which provides superior performance and smoother operation. The machine is packed with safety features, such as safety stoppers on each station, specially designed weight stacks and adjustable catches and hook lines. The padded vinyl upholstery ensures maximum comfort during your workout. The G12 is perfect for home and commercial users alike. Its heavy-duty steel construction and pristine design make it an ideal choice for a serious gym or home workout space. Its superior strength and versatility make it the ideal choice for any requirements. Whether you’re looking for a complete strength training solution for your home gym, or something more specialized, look no further than the Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer.


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Pros & Cons


• Versatile – Can be used for a wide range of exercises

• Space-saving – Can be easily installed in home gyms

• Multi-purpose – Can be used for military-style training and bodybuilding

• Heavy Duty – Has a steel-welded Construction for durability

• Ergonomic – Designed with biomechanics and user comfort in mind


• Price – Its higher price point may be too expensive for some people

• Weight Limit – Has a maximum user weight of 140kg

• Warranty – Only provides a 2-year warranty on moving parts

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Fitness enthusiasts who need a durable, effective and versatile home gym.

• Bodybuilders who need a no-nonsense gym station that can accommodate different exercises.

• Those who need an item that combines the benefits of cable machines and free weights.

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those with limited space who cannot accommodate a piece of equipment which requires a large area.

• People who do not have enough funds to purchase the item.

• Those who prefer to use specialized pieces of equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines, as this product doesn't offer those features.


- 325 lbs weight rating

- 18 assorted exercises

- 7 adjustable angles

- 6 adjustable pulleys

- 150 lbs of additional weight add-ons

- Four Olympic weight plate storage pegs

- Dual 8" pulleys

- Commercial grade sealed bearings

- Lifetime warranty

- In-frame stabilization system

ProductDimensionsWeight CapacityPrice
Force USA G1294" x 94" x 84"800 lbs$1,299.99
GoPlus Power Rack81.5" x 41.3" x 47.2"800 lbs$299.99
Marcy Pro81.5" x 43.3" x 41.7"300 lbs$247.99
Merax Cage59" x 36" x 82"500 lbs$239.99
Merax Rack58.7" x 36" x 81.9"300 lbs$169.99

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