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G20 All-In-One Trainer - Lat Row Station Upgrade

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G20 All-In-One Trainer - Lat Row Station Upgrade

The Force USA G20 Lat Row Station Upgrade is an effective and powerful exercise tool that offers a comprehensive range of cable station exercises. This upgrade provides an alternative to the standard gym cable system, allowing users to perform lat pull-downs, cable rows, chest press and other exercises without the need for bulky equipment. The G20 Lat Row Station Upgrade features a high-grade, heavy-duty steel frame for maximum stability and durability. This construction allows for long-term use, even under intense pressure. The inner steel frame has been powder-coated in a scratch resistant finish for added protection, while the outer armour is constructed from a corrosion-resistant, commercial-grade UPVC hood that allows for a cleaner and more streamlined appearance. The device allows users to switch easily between exercises with its double cable pulley system that offers 10 comfortable angular plate positions along with 6 unrestricted movement positions. The adjustable press arms make it easier to find the correct position for the user and the adjustable ankle brace provides additional support during lower body exercises. Each G20 Lat Row Station Upgrade features two national spec, zinc-plated cable pulleys and nylon-wrapped stainless-steel cables for added stability and reliability. The 210 kg/462 lb weight capacity allows users to work with heavier weights and the full-length safety plate on the weight stack allows users to safely load and unload the weight plates. In addition, the device includes adjustable feet for levelling on any surface. The Force USA G20 Lat Row Station Upgrade is ideal for experienced athletes. With its high-quality construction, versatile exercise library and the ability to handle heavy weights, this upgrade is a great solution for athletes who want to take their workouts to the next level.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable, heavy-duty steel Construction

• Heavy duty 2 x 2 inch and 2 x 3 inch construction

• Adjustable lat and row bar holder to fit multiple users

• Includes four weight plate holders for optium and safe use of the station

• Comfortable, ergonomic and adjustable footplate

• Multifunctional design allows for a variety of exercises

• Cables are heavy-duty and rated to 2000 pounds

• Compact design


• Limited cable adjustment range

• Basic and limited exercise selection

• Assembly requires an additional purchase of four screw-in bolts

• Heavy weight limit of 400 pounds

Who Should Buy

Reasons for who should buy:

-People who are serious about strength training and want to build a home gym

-Those who need to build new muscle and develop back muscles

-People who want to have a range of strength exercises in one machine

-Anyone who want to have the convenience of working out at home

Reasons for who should not buy:

-People who are not committed to strength training

-Individuals who prefer to work out at a gym or outdoors

-Those who don't have the necessary space to house a large station

-Anyone who is on a tight budget and cannot afford a quality piece of equipment


- Heavy Duty Steel Construction

- 3-in-1 Multi Function: Smith Machine, Power Rack, and Pull-up Station

- Calibrated Counterbalanced Smith Machine

- Variable Position Safety Catches

- Variable Height Pull-up Bar

- Lat Pull Down Station

- Low Pulley Station

- 4 band pegs for Resistance Bands

- Industrial Grade J-Hooks

- Barbell Entry Exit Slots

- Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs

Weight CapacityResistanceDimensions (L x W x H)
600 lb (272.2kg)Adjustable cable resistance78.7" x 49.2" x 84.3" (200 x 125 x 214 cm)
400 lb (181.4kg)Adjustable cable resistance68" x 50" x 83" (172.7 x 127 x 210.8 cm)
500 lb (226.8 kg)200 lb (90.7 kg) weight stack86.2" x 63.0" x 83.5" (218.9 x 160 x 212.1 cm)
300 lb (136.1kg)210 lb (95.3kg) weight stack81.5" x 79.0" x 86.5" (207 x 200.7 x 219.7cm)
350 lb (158.8kg)200 lb (90.7kg) weight stack67" x 63" x 84" (170.2 x 160 x 213.3 cm)

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