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Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer

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Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer

-functional-trainer The Force USA G3 Functional Trainer is an all-inclusive, commercial-grade home gym harnessing a full range of functional strength training options for users of any level. This system includes the G3 Power Rack and a G3 Functional Trainer attachment, which is designed for exercise versatility and delivering a full body workout. This well-made system features safety spotter arms, adjustable cable pulley heights, a heavy-duty lifting carriage with linear bearings, and a laser-cut weight storage rack. The G3 Power Rack has two adjustable support frames constructed from heavy-duty steel with an attractive powder-coat finish. This rack allows the user to perform a variety of exercises including squats, press, pulls and more in a safe environment. With its adjustable pull-up bar and cast iron pull-up ends, users can switch between horizontal and vertical grips while using the secure and comfortable bar. The built-in shelf safely holds your weight plates and the laser-cut weight storage system allows for quick changes between weights. The G3 Functional Trainer is an adjustable cable tower attachment featuring an adjustable cable pulley at the top for exercises such like lateral raised, triceps extensions, and rotary wood chops. This system also comes with dual 200 Ibs. weight stacks for the unlimited range to accommodate all users of various sizes. The heavy-duty lifting carriage with linear bearings allows for smooth, steady pulling movements, and adjustable cable pulley heights allows for exercises to be done from different angles. For added user safety, the spotter arms keep the bar or weights suspended mid-air even in the event of a failed rep. This Force USA G3 Functional Trainer is an ideal addition to any home gym looking to take their workouts to the next level. With its adjustable features, impressive construction and durability, and variety of exercises, this system is sure to exceed your expectations.


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Pros & Cons


• Quality Construction

• Can accommodate weight up to 300 pounds

• Family-friendly design

• Modular design allows for versatile workouts

• Easy to assemble and install

• Compact design fits in small spaces


• Price may be too expensive for some

• Larger users may find the unit too small

• Requires additional accessories to perform certain exercises

• May cause noise when in use

• Some parts may be difficult to use for those without prior experience

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a reliable multi-station gym

• Those who have limited space and need an all-in-one solution

• Fitness enthusiasts who want to have the full range of strength training options

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those without sufficient knowledge of weightlifting and who are unlikely to use the full range of features

• Those who need a machine with higher maximum weight capacities

• Those who are looking for an entry-level gym with an economical price tag


-800 lb. weight rating

-6 station functional trainer

-Dual stack cable system

-Modular adjustable bench

-Complete Olympic lift rack

-Multi adjustable dip station

-Chin up and pull up bar station

-High and Low pulleys

-Inbuilt landmine

-Soft plyo box

-Slip resistant foot platform

-Weight storage

-3 x weight horns for plate storage

-Easy to follow assembly instruction manual

-Dimensions: 122” x 118” x 112”

Force USA G3 All-In-One TrainerForce USA F-MG-50Force USA F-MG- Andean F7BodyCraft F430
Max weight capacity:950 lbs800 lbs750 lbs400 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H):78" x 49" x 86"81.5" x 54" x 84"76" x 54.5" x 84"78" x 50" x 86"
Weight:604 lbs540 lbs620 lbs420 lbs
Features:Barbell, weightrack, cable crossover, Multi-Grip-Chin-Pullup-Bar, dip-bar, functional trainer, leg liftBarbell, weightrack, cable crossover, Multi-Grip-Chin-Pullup-Bar, Functional Trainer, dip-bar,Barbell, weightrack, cable crossover, Multi-Grip-Chin-Pullup-Bar, Functional Trainer, dip-bar, Monkey Bars or RingsBarbell, weightrack, cable crossover, Functional Trainier

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