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Gunner Barbell (Allrounder)

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Gunner Barbell (Allrounder)

-row-bench The Force USA Gunner Barbell Row Bench is a robust and versatile piece of home gym equipment that takes barbell rowing workouts to the next level. This heavy duty bench is designed with a low profile as to not take up too much space in a home gym. It is ideal for adjustable rows, chest presses, tricep dips and more. The Gunner Barbell Row Bench utilizes high quality steel for both its frame and powder coated finish. This galvanized steel frame ensures the Gunner bench can handle heavy weight with confidence and stability. The bench is fully adjustable from a flat position up to a 90 degree angle, ensuring it can accommodate any angle setting specific to each user. The angle adjustments use an easy-switch pin system to reduce set-up and breakdown time. The bench also features an extra-wide base with an adjustable footrest to provide maximum stability during each exercise. The heavy duty steel frame is equipped with a durable, absorbent nylon padding to provide cushioning for the user's back during workouts. The bench is additionally equipped with rollers for easy storage after each workout. The Gunner Barbell Row Bench has a weight capacity of 330kg, making it ideal for strength training. Overall, the Force USA Gunner Barbell Row Bench is an excellent choice for a home gym that allows users to perform a variety of free-weight exercises in their own home. The construction is heavy duty, the six adjustable angles provide the perfect training for any type of user, and its weight capacity makes it extremely versatile for any strength training needs.


Pros & Cons


• Extraordinary range of motion

• Enhances mobility and strength in all regions

• Adjustable height for customized workouts

• Comfortable for long duration workouts

• Robust and robust Construction

• High weight capacity


• Limited range of exercises

• Can be difficult to adjust the height

• May require additional weights to increase challenge

• Expensive price point

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a high-quality adjustable barbell

• Those looking for a more ergonomic design

• Those who prefer the spinlock collars

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a more affordable option

• Those who don't need a fully adjustable barbell

• Those who don't need the spinlock collars for their workouts


-Weight: 20kg

-1000-lb Weight Capacity

-Steel carriage

-7-gauge steel construction

-180CM length

-Bearing sleeves for smooth spinning

-Metallic silver powder coating

-2-year limited warranty

-Knurled Mil-spec grade 28.5MM grip diameter

Challenger BarbellCAP BarbellBody-Solid Barbell
190,000 PSI180,000 PSI178,000 PSI180,000 PSI190,000 PSI
Manganese PhosphateChromeChromeChromeBlack Oxide
LifetimeN/A1 YearLifetimeLifetime

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