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VersaFit Flooring

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VersaFit Flooring

) ForceUSA's VersaFit Rubber Flooring Tiles provide a durable, safe, and aesthetic solution to flooring needs. These interlocking tiles are made with 50% recycled rubber content which is known for being slip-resistant and shock-absorbing to provide traction and protect against injuries and fatigue while in use. The 1/2” thick tiles can be used as gym flooring and provide protection to the floor beneath them. Their shock-absorbing quality also offers additional impact protection to relieve joint stress during workouts, making them ideal for weight training, step-classes, and other related exercises. Furthermore, their moisture-resistant quality prevents sweat and other liquids from seeping into the ground underneath, making them easy to clean. The rubber tiles come in black, dark gray, and light gray, with painted lines and other custom designs also available. This allows you to create a customized look that suits your preferences or gym’s theme. The interlocking system allows for easy installation and provides a secure fit for the tiles, ensuring that they'll stay in place even during vigorous activities. The VersaFit Rubber Flooring Tiles are durable, protecting the floor beneath them and providing excellent shock absorption during physical activities. Their interlocking system ensures a safe, secure fit and makes installation a breeze. With their modern design and various color options, they are sure to be an attractive addition to any gym or home workout space.

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Pros & Cons


• Available in multiple colors

• Easy to install

• Made of non-toxic recycled rubber

• Provides cushion and anti-fatigue properties

• Smaller 1m x 1m tiles make it easy to fit into any space

• Requires no adhesive for installation

• Highly durable and resilient, lasting up to 10+ years with proper care


• More expensive than other flooring options

• Prone to becoming dirty and sticky if not adequately maintained

• Difficult task to replace single tiles if ruined

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this home gym product:

• Non-slip rubber surface prevents slipping during workouts

• Individually removable and replaceable tiles for customizable sizing

• Lightweight and easy to set up and take apart

• Environmentally friendly

• Durable and wear-resistant material

Who should not buy this home gym product:

• Not suitable for outdoors

• Not fire resistant

• Initial set-up and installation may require special tools or professional help


- Made from high-density foam

- Interlocking tiles

- Non-absorbent vinyl surface

- Easy to clean

- 30" x 30" measurements

- ½" thickness

- Lightweight and durable

- Two-tone grey for a modern look

- Heat resistant

ProductThickness (in)Interlocks StyleSurface DesignWarranty (in Years)
Force USA1/2"Interlocking BoardsTextured10
We Sell Mats1/2"Interlocking SquaresSmooth5
Pro Impact5/8"InterlockedWoodgrain Finish2

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