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Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair)

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Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair)

The 10lb Pizza Weight Plates by FringeSport boasts a classic design with high-grade construction, perfect for any home or professional gym or studio. With a modern look, these 2.0" diameter plates are crafted from solid iron, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The flat, wide surface contains vibrant layered graphics, giving each weight plate a stylish finish. The reinforced edges and structured ridges offer the perfect grip for secure loading and comfortable use. The standard 1” centerholes conveniently fit all Olympic bars and machines. These bumper plates are easily stackable for efficient storage. With a low bounce rate and a 10lb weight, the 10lb Pizza Weight Plates are an excellent choice for high-intensity workouts, Olympic lifts and strength training routines. Add some flair to your gym with FringeSport’s 10lb Pizza Weight Plates.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile - can be used for lifting, balance or even as a pizza weight!

• Made of cast iron - plentiful and durable material

• lbs each pair - excellent for anyone who needs to increase weight incrementally

• Smooth finish - prevents rust and allows for easy cleaning

• Thick plate - provides a wide surface area to hold large amounts of weight


• Heavy - not suitable for lighter trainers or those without much strength

• Pricey - might be out of budget for some

• Visually unappealing - some may not appreciate the basic design and black color

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy this Product:

- People who are looking for a space-saving and versatile strength training tool

- People who are interested in a weighted exercise that includes dynamic movements

- People who are looking for a combination of strength and cardio workouts

Who Should Not Buy this Product:

- People who want a more-traditional gym exercise experience

- People who are looking for a heavier weight option

- People who are not interested in dynamic movement workouts


• 10lb Pair

• Color: Black

• Hard wearing, odourless rubber

• Plates are the same diameter regardless of weight (17.7")

• Rebounds off the ground better than other brands

• Both 10lb plates have a 1.15” hole diameter

• Solid steel insert for strength and longevity

• Plate rim is beveled on all sides

• 45 degree chamfer

• Plate thickness is the same on both sides and the center

Fringe Sport Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair)Other Product 1Other Product 2
10 lb Pair12 lb Pair10 lb Pair10 lb Pair
Drop Test PassedDrop Test PassedDrop Test PassedDrop Test Passed
Virgin RubberVirgin RubberVirgin Rubber & UrethaneUrethane Finish
Smooth FinishSmooth FinishEnhanced Grip & Reduced NoiseLow Bounce
450 mm inner Ring; Black425 mm inner Ring; Black460 mm inner Ring; Grey450 mm inner Ring; Grey
Triple-Theft Steel InsertNo Steel InsertSecured Steel InsertEmbedded Synthetic Bushing

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