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2x2 Dip Station

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2x2 Dip Station

The FringeSport 2x2 Dip Station provides an unparalleled full body workout. This high-quality station is designed to give your body a comprehensive total-body workout with a space-saving design that can fit in virtually any home gym or training area. Constructed with a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame and powder-coated finish, this station is built to last with its stainless steel hardware and 2mm thick barbell support beam. The station can hold up to 200 pounds, with 14 inches of depth from the dip bar to the stabilizers. The dip bars are ergonomically designed for comfort and stability and have a rubber coating for added grip. The anti-slip feet provide extra stability and safety during your workout, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you're safe. The included heavy-duty steel barbell support offers greater stability and provides extra options for a complete workout. With a sleek and modern design, the Dip Station can fit perfectly in any corner or space, making it a great addition to any fitness enthusiast's home gym. With this station, you can work your triceps, biceps and chest muscles with a variety of exercises, allowing you to reach full muscle fatigue without constant repositioning. Get the most out of your training with the FringeSport 2x2 Dip Station.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile and compact—enables you to do multiple exercises and can fit into a small space

• Stable and durable Construction—made from heavy duty 11-gauge steel

• Easy to assemble—no complicated tools necessary

• Adjustable—can be adjusted from 30 to 62.5 inches

• Non-slip handlebar—ensures safety and prevents hands slipping


• Maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs—not suitable for those who exceed this weight limit

• Not foldable—will take up a lot of space even when not in use

• Does not come with a detailed instruction manual—may require outside help to assemble correctly

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Those who want to improve their upper body strength

• Bodybuilders or athletes who need to work on dips

• Individuals looking for an affordable, durable dip station

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who don't have the necessary space for the dip station

• Individuals who are beginners and are not yet ready for a dip station

• People with limited budgets who don’t want to spend the money on this dip station.


• Constructed from heavy-duty steel

• Non-slip rubber coated handles

• Powder coated finish helps resist rust

• Dimensions: 41.34 x 24.41 x 53.54 inches

• Height range from 45.3 to 66.9 inches

• Weight capacity of 300 lbs

ProductPriceWeight CapacityDimensionsPortable
Fringe Sport 2x2 Dip Station$179.00600 lbs37" x 35" x 33"No
Sporzon! Dip Stand$119.97500 lbs35" x 32" x 43"Yes
Body-Solid Dip Station$399.00500 lbs36" x 33" x 50"No
XMark XM-4434 Dip Station$249.00500 lbs47" x 39" x 62"No
Valor Fitness BD-7 Dip Station$179.99510 lbs48" x 25" x 82"No

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