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32mm Steel Gymnastic Rings - No Straps

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32mm Steel Gymnastic Rings - No Straps

The 32mm Steel Gymnastics Rings from FringeSport are ideal for those looking for a new way to improve their strength, coordination, and agility. These gymnastics rings are made from durable steel and have a 32mm diameter which provides excellent grip for a variety of activities. The rings have no straps included, so you can easily store them away when not in use. The design of the rings allows for a variety of exercises, from classic moves like pull-ups and push-ups to complex gymnast positional moves. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures the rings will last you for years with regular use. With their handy design, they’re perfect for home, gym, or travel use. Get a challenging and effective workout with these 32mm Steel Gymnastics Rings from FringeSport.


Pros & Cons


- Durable, 32mm steel Construction

• Rounded corners for added comfort and safety

• Can help with strength-building, coordination, and skills training

• Can be used to perform various exercises such as dips, pull-ups, and muscle-ups

• Lightweight and portable


• Can require additional straps or other equipment to be used safely and effectively

• Can require some prior knowledge and experience in order to utilized the rings properly

• May not be ideal for those with smaller hands or limited upper body strength

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

• People who are looking to build upper body strength and focus on gymnastics maneuvers.

• Those who don't have access to a gym or don't want to invest in expensive equipment.

• Those who want to prevent unnecessary injuries with high-quality materials.

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Those who are not familiar with gymnastic rings and how to perform activities with them.

• Individuals who are looking for a full-body workout and not focused on the upper body.

• Anyone without adequate space to safely store and use gymnastic rings.


- 32mm outer diameter

- 12mm inner diameter

- 8mm thick steel

- 304 grade stainless steel

- Textured powder coating for grip

- Polishable Steel

- 800 lbs weight load rated

MaterialMax Weight CapacityAdjustable Straps
38mm Steel500lbYes

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