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Bar + Black (KG) Competition Bumper Sets

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Bar + Black (KG) Competition Bumper Sets

The FringeSport Black KG Competition Bumper Sets are designed to handle even the toughest weightlifting sessions. This set of bumpers are crafted from superior virgin rubber, making them one of the highest quality bumper plates available. Their innovative two-piece design helps to reduce noise, eliminating the clanking and clattering heard with traditional plates. The color code system also easily identifies weights, and the Weightlifters Sport Design provides a comfortable grip. The centers of these bumpers are sturdy steel discs with marine grade stainless steel alloy bands that offer superior strength and protection. This makes the bumpers not only long-lasting, but safe and secure for each workout. The set includes plates in increments of 2.5kg to 20kg to meet a variety of training needs. The bumper plates have a static load testing of 911kg, making them perfect for powerlifting and Heavy Olympic training. The sets feature the IWF standard 450mm diameter, allowing them to fit most olympic barbells. They’re also easily stored with the convenient carry handles on each plate and stackable design. The FringeSport Black KG Competition Bumper Sets are essential for heavy Olympic weightlifting and other exercises and are a perfect addition to any lifting routine.

  • Men's 20kg / 90kg (10/15/20kg Pairs)

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  • Men's 20kg / 120kg (15/20/25kg Pairs)

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  • Men's 20kg / 140kg (10/15/20/25kg Pairs)

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  • Women's 15kg / 90kg (10/15/20kg Pairs)

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  • Women's 15kg / 120kg (15/20/25kg Pairs)

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  • Women's 15kg / 140kg (10/15/20/25kg Pairs)

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Pros & Cons


• Made of high-density rubber for optimal durability

● Steel center hub ensures Consistent spin and balance

• Color coded for quick weight identification

• Can be used on any Olympic bar

• Warranty for 12 months


• Expensive compared to other barbells

• More susceptible to scratches and dings

• Not compatible with all Olympic bars or lifting platforms

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- High-quality construction for superior durability

- Specifically designed for competition usage

- Easy to grip handles for better form and safer lifts

- Versatile range of weights to accommodate any workout

Should Not Buy:

- Too expensive for casual athletes

- Not ideal for a home gym setting

- Prone to rusting if not regularly maintained


• 2"x20 KG Competition Plate

• High Quality Steel Bar and Collars

• Tensile Strength: 190K PSI

• Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.5"

• Bearing Connection: Bushing

• Shaft Diameter: 25mm

• Dimension: 2450mm (95.3") / 100mm Sleeve

• Weight of Bar Bar Only: 20 KG / 44 LB

• Made in the USA

• Finish: Black Zinc with Bright Zinc Sleeves

ProductWeight Per Plate (kg)Price
Fringe Sport Bar+ Black (KG)20$179
Troy VTX Black Bumper Plates20$196
Rep Exercise Bumper Plate20$209.95
CAP Barbell Black Bumper Plates20$209.99
Rogue Hi-Tem Bumper Plates20$239

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