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Bicep Blaster

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Bicep Blaster

The Bicep Blaster by FringeSport is a high-quality exercise bar that is designed to support targeted bicep training. The bar is crafted from heat-treated carbon steel, providing a strong and durable constriction that is designed to resist bending and warping. The Bicep Blaster features a fully-knurled grip surface to ensure a secure and comfortable hold while exercising, while the weighted end plates help with balance and are designed to give you effective and consistent workouts. Additionally, the bar features chrome spinlock collars, allowing you to quickly and easily secure weight plates. This bar is compatible with any standard Olympic weight plates and is ideal for isolation exercises to target specific muscle groups. With its heavy-duty construction and thoughtful design, the FringeSport Bicep Blaster is perfect for any fitness enthusiast looking to strengthen their arms.


Pros & Cons


• Latin-Style handles for better grip

• Allows for full range of motion

• Resistance can be varied to suit user

• Compact and easy to transport

• Made of durable steel


• Limited number of exercises can be done

• Potential for injuries due to incorrect form

• Can be more expensive than other arm-strengthening equipment

• Not suitable for advanced lifters.

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- People who are looking for an effective way to strengthen their arm muscles

- People who do not have access to or cannot afford traditional gym equipment

- People who need to save space since the bicep blaster is portable

Who Should Not Buy:

- People who do not want to target arm muscles specifically

- People who prefer traditional gym equipment

- People who lack the motivation to use the equipment regularly


-Ergonomic Handle: Textured rubber grip handle for comfort and control

-Weight: 10 lbs

-Length: 17 inches

-2 Plates: 2 x 5 lb Olympic plates (2 inches thick)

-Chrome Finish: Bright colored and uncoated for easy cleaning

-Design: Built to last with solid construction

-Collar Lock: Heavy duty safety collar lock for easy plate changes

-High-Performance: Built to American weightlifting standards

-Compact Storage: Minimizes away to preserve shelf and floor space

FeatureFringe Sport Bicep BlasterProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Wheight Capacity100 lbs120 lbs90 lbs85 lbs
Range of Motion180 Degrees162 Degrees160 Degrees175 Degrees
Adjustable HeightYesNoYesNo
Overall Dimensions18" x 11" x 16"20" x 12" x 18"17" x 9" x 14"18" x 12" x 17"

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