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Bison Chalk Ball

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Bison Chalk Ball

Fringe Sport Bison Chalk Ball is made from the highest quality magnesium carbonate. This chalk ball is designed for climbers, weightlifters and recreational athletes looking for a safe and effective way to improve their grip. The chalk ball is incredibly durable and non-toxic, perfect for any environment. The design allows for even distribution of the chalk onto the skin or apparatus for an enhanced grip that prevents slipping and reduces friction. It is also highly economical, allowing for multiple uses with minimal chalk loss. The ball comes in a 2.5 oz size and is conveniently portable, making it the perfect travel companion. Overall, the Fringe Sport Bison Chalk Ball is an excellent way to stay in control of your performance, ensuring a safe and comfortable workout experience.


Pros & Cons


• Advanced, pure liquid magnesium carbonate suspension helps athletes maintain a secure grip

• g of chalk provides a long-lasting supply

• Chalk ball design helps prevent dust

• Nontoxic, fine particle formula safe to use

• Cost-effective


• Some users may find it messy

• Chalk can leave marks on training equipment

• Can cause dryness or irritation on skin

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Athletes looking for a mess-free way to keep their hands dry

• Gym-goers who want to improve their grip on heavy weights

• People who want to maximize their performance in Olympic-style lifts

Who should not buy:

• People who require extra cushion on their hands during WODs

• People looking for extra chalk in their sweat workouts

• People looking for an on-the-go chalk supply that can be easily taken to competitions and meets


• 4.5 oz (127 grams) of pure magnesium carbonate chalk powder

• Tightly filled and securely sealed for maximum usage

• Compact and easy to transport design

• Absorbs sweat and moisture to reduce skin irritation

• 100% dust-free formula for reduced inhalation

• Improves grip strength for a more secure hold

• Formulated to reduce friction to increase performance

Fringe Sport Bison Chalk Ball$7.952.2 ozMagnesium Carbonate
METOLIUS Chalk Sock$7.952-3 ozMagnesium Carbonate
Set of 2 Natural Gymnastics Chalk Balls$9.642 ozMagnesium Carbonate and Calcium Carbonate
Metolius Super Chalk$15.255.2 ozMagnesium Carbonate

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