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Clamp Collars

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Clamp Collars

FringeSport Clamp Collars are an essential piece of equipment for any gym. These color-coded, easy-to-use collars are an ideal accessory for any weight plate you're using. Made from high-grade rubber and featuring stainless steel construction, these collars are sure to last you years to come. The grip ensures your weights won't slip off during intense workouts. The adjustable collar is easy to use and will stay firmly clamped even during heavy lifting. Plus, the two-tone design looks great, and the color-coded collars makes it easy to differentiate between different weights. The outer grip of the collars is designed to remain stable no matter how hard you pull on it, and the stabilization ridge on the underside also prevents the collars from being pulled apart. The collars are available in five pairs and come in pairs of 1”, 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3". The collars are constructed with the highest quality, so you can be sure they'll last you up to 5 years, even with constant use. Overall, with the FringeSport Clamp Collars you can have peace of mind that your weights won't slip off during your workouts and you can achieve the results you want.


Pros & Cons


• Quick and easy to use, just slide them onto the barbell

- Very durable and robust with heavy-duty Construction

• Safety pins ensure a secure fit to the barbell and help prevent slippage

• Versatile – they can be used for both Olympic and standard barbells

• Affordably priced


• Not as secure as a sprung collar

• Not suitable for powerlifting, heavy weight-lifting, and dynamic movements

• May not fit some barbell collars due to varying sizes

• May be difficult to secure due to peculiar shape of the ends

Who Should Buy

For those who should buy:

• Easy to use

• Secure for heavy lifting

• Durable and reliable

For those who should not buy:

• Unsuitable for children

• Expensive for a basic product

• Not adjustable for different bar sizes


-zinc-plated steel construction for maximum durability

-just enough tension to keep weights secure

-firmly grip rubber surface

-designed for Olympic 2” barbells

-sold in pairs

-easy to use, lightweight and affordable

Fringe Sport Clamp Collars---
MaterialHigh-grade NylonAircraft Grade AluminumSoft Touch Nylon
Clamp TypeLeverScrewPush Pin
Weight8.3 oz7.4 oz8.2 oz

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