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Color Competition Bumper Plates - Pounds

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Color Competition Bumper Plates - Pounds

The Fringe Sport Color Comp Bumpers are professional-grade bumpers for Olympic weightlifting. They are made from durable, hi-impact resin that is proposed to be able to withstand thousands of drops without damage to the platform – such as chip, dents, or scratches. They are also color-coded so you can easily identify the different weight plates. The bumper plates feature an inner steel ring that is designed to help further reduce noise and vibration while in use. The plates are designed to be compact and minimize bounce, which is ideal for any Olympic weightlifting training. They are also designed with a reinforced steel plate so they can handle greater loads, tear-resistant textured surface, and a removable center steel insert for easy cleaning and maintenance. The plates come in a variety of weights – ranging from 10 lbs/4.5kg to 55 lbs/25kg – so you can find the perfect weight for your unique training needs. Additionally, each bumper is sold separately or in packages containing four plates of the same weight, making them easy to buy in bulk and customize your workout set.

  • 25lb Pair - IN STOCK!

    In Stock


  • 35lb Pair - IN STOCK!

    In Stock


  • 45lb Pair - IN STOCK!

    In Stock


  • 55lb Pair - IN STOCK!

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  • 25/35/45lb Set - IN STOCK!

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  • 25/35/45/45lb Set - IN STOCK!

    In Stock


  • 25/35/45/55lb Set - IN STOCK!

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber material

• Available in multiple stylish colors

• Weights range from 10-45 lbs

• Smooth and comfortable handling

• High quality steel inserts

• Secure stainless steel locking system


• Prices may be expensive for some customers

• Shipping costs may vary depending on region

• Not suitable for weightlifters that exceed 45 lbs

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Heavy-duty construction will withstand years of use

- Signature Color Competition bumpers with mirror finish looks great in any gym

- Raised lettering on bumper plates make them easy to identify

- Large number of plates available to best fit your workout needs

Should Not Buy:

- Not designed for Olympic weightlifting

- Cannot be sold in California and Massachusetts due to state laws

- Premium price may not fit everyone's budget

- Not intended for commercial use


- 15 lb plates: 18.75 inch diameter (in black)

- 25 lb plates: 24.00 inch diameter (in red)

- 35 lb plates: 25.90 inch diameter (in blue)

- 45 lb plates: 27.36 inch diameter (in yellow)

- Durometer rating of 88 +/- 2 on A Scale

- Material: Virgin rubber

- Insert type: stainless steel, secured by 4 bolts

- Weight tolerance - +/- 1% of declared weight

ProductWeight Range (lbs)PriceDurability
Fringe Sport Color Competition Bumper Plates Pounds10,15,25,35,45$2.95/lbVery Good
CAP Barbell Premium Bumper Plates10,15,25,35,45$1.90/lbGood
Goplus Olympic Bumper Plates10,15,25,35,45$2.14/lbFair
Rep Fitness Olympic Bumper Plates10,15,25,35,45$2.18/lbVery Good
Yes4All Bumper Plates10,15,25,35,45$2.00/lbGood

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