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"Come and Lift It" Vinyl Banner

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"Come and Lift It" Vinyl Banner

The Come and Lift It Vinyl Banner from FringeSport is a perfect way to make a big statement. This banner is made from high-quality, durable vinyl material that can withstand exposure to the outdoors. It's printed with a vibrant graphic of a weightlifter lifting a barbell, featuring a bold white font against a black background. The banner comes complete with grommets for easy and secure hanging. At 10' x 4' in size, this banner is a great choice for events, gyms, and other locations where a large and impactful graphic display is desired. With a self-adhesive backing and UV protection, this banner can be used in all weather conditions and will look vibrant and sharp even after extended exposure to the elements. With its strong and reliable vinyl construction, the Come and Lift It Vinyl Banner is a great way to spread your message and make a statement.

  • 10" x 20"

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  • 2' x 4'

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Pros & Cons


• Eye-catching design

• Made from durable and water-resistant vinyl material

• Available in a variety of sizes

• Pre-installed grommets for easy hanging

• Durable and long-lasting


• Limited customization options

• Higher cost compared to other materials

• Can be affected by extreme weather conditions

Who Should Buy

Why You Should Buy:

• Quality vinyl banner with bold design

• Flexible grommets to hang it easily

• Waterproof and scratch-resistant

• Made to last for years

Why You Should Not Buy:

• Not eco-friendly

• Relatively expensive compared to other offerings


- 2x3' vinyl banner

- Waterproof and scratch-resistant

- 4 grommets in each corner for easy installation

- Low reflective sheen

- White border

Fringe Sport "Come and Lift It" Vinyl Banner8 x 2 feet banner design to hang from ceiling or wall$17.57
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Jump Rope Fitness Banner5ft x 3ft High Quality 13 Oz. Vinyl Banner$13.98
Feckin Irish Banners10’ x 3' high quality, UV-proof, waterproof Vinyl Banner$42.00

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