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Mobility Set

The FringeSport Complete Mobility Set is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to increase their mobility and athletic performance, for a wide range of activities, including bodyweight, calisthenic, functional fitness, weight lifting and CrossFit. This set includes four items designed to target a variety of areas and increase mobility, strength and range of motion. The FringeSport Kettlebell Smooth Handle is designed with a slightly thicker handle than a regular kettlebell, while still providing a firm surface, designed to increase grip and strength in the hands. The tapered design of the handle allows you to use various sized grips and a “no slip grip” design on the handle will minimize the risk of dropping the kettlebell. The kettlebell is available in sizes from 8 lbs to 32 lbs. The FringeSport Elite Foam Roller is made from closed-cell foam and its length and textured surface provide total body coverage without compromising stability. This roller is available in lengths of 24” and 36”, ensuring that you can find one for your body. The Elite Foam Roller also has a denser foam core than many other foam rollers, providing a more intense massage and ideal for joint mobility, promoting healthy muscle tissue, as well as warmups and cooldowns. The Superior Recovery Massage Stick from FringeSport is designed to provide maximum recovery during and after workouts and is made from ABS plastic with a textured surface. This massage stick can reach deep into the muscle, targeting pressure points and helping improve blood circulation while breaking up knots, increasing range of motion and relieving tense muscles. The Superior Recovery Massage Stick is a must-have for any gym enthusiast. The FringeSport Slim Plus Lacrosse Ball is designed to target hard-to-reach areas and provide targeted massage. This lacrosse ball provides a deep tissue massage, helping to reduce tension and relieve soreness. The hardshell design also allows you to get into those hard-to-reach spaces, while its textured surface provides a firm grip. Overall, the FringeSport Complete Mobility Set is an ideal solution for anyone looking to increase their mobility and improve their athletic performance. With the Kettlebell Smooth Handle, Elite Foam Roller, Superior Recovery Massage Stick and Slim Plus Lacrosse Ball you can target specific muscle areas and improve range of motion, strength and overall performance.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile - Includes two bands of varying levels of resistance, a foam roller, and a lacrosse ball, allowing the user to perform mobility exercises tailored to their individual needs

• Durable - Bands are made from latex for superior strength and durability

• Portable - All items are relatively small and light, making them easy to transport and use in a variety of locations

• Affordable - The Complete Mobility Set is reasonably priced for its range of items


• Limited Uses - While the kit includes a foam roller and lacrosse ball, some users may need additional items to perform specific exercises

• Bulky - The foam roller and lacrosse ball, while still relatively small, may still take up extra space in travel bags or gym bags

- High Resistance - Due to its latex Construction, the bands provide higher levels of resistance than some other types of bands

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Those looking for basic band accessories for stretching, rehab and mobility

• Sports trainers and physical therapists who need a range of quality mobility products

• anyone who wants to improve their muscular strength, joint health and stability

• those looking for a complete mobility package

Who Should Not Buy

• those looking for advanced band accessories or more intense exercises

• those looking to invest in a single product

• those who need a cheaper option than what is offered by FringeSport


-4 inch Resistance Training Bands,

-1 Pair of Easy Glide Foam Handles,

-2 Carabiners,

-Pair of Ankle Straps,

-Carry Bag,

-1 Stretch Band,

-1 Door Anchor,

-1 Gym Chalk Ball.

BrandProduct NameProduct TypeRoller LengthRoller Diameter
Fringe SportMobility SetMassage Roller18 in.1.5 in.
CanDoPeanut Core RollerMassage Roller14 in.2.5 in.
Dash SportRehab Foam RollerMassage Roller36 in.4.75 in.
WillGAITHigh Density Muscle MassagerMassage Roller18 in.2.5 in.

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