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The Edible Drink Coaster Sets

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The Edible Drink Coaster Sets

Fringe Sport's Edible Drink Coaster Sets give you a unique way to jazz up your home bar or drinking parties. These coasters come in sets of four, in a wide range of flavors that span from ginger ale to peach schnapps. Each coaster is made with a patented blend of agar gums and plant-derived natural flavors. They’re non-GMO and vegan, and free of preservatives, sugar, alcohol, and dairy. The coasters dissolve when they reach a certain temperature and remain stable when exposed to cold. The coasters also feature a stain resistant surface that doesn’t contaminate with color and flavor, so you can be sure that your beverages remain pure and uncontaminated. The coasters are an excellent way to dress up your drinks and make them more interesting. Moreover, they’re a great way to avoid the mess of traditional coasters. So, if you’re looking for a unique and creative way to enhance your drinks experience, look no further than Fringe Sport's Edible Drink Coaster Sets.

  • Donut - 4 Pack

    In Stock


  • Pizza - 4 Pack

    In Stock


  • Donut/Pizza - 4 Pack

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


-Durable Construction

• Compact and easy to store

• Unique way to display drinks

• Wide range of colors and design options

• Can be used as coasters or snack trays


• Cannot be used with hot beverages

• Not dishwasher safe

• Not very absorbent

• May be difficult to clean depending on the type of food spilled

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Quality product

- Thin and flexible to fit any cup size

- Food safe and FDA approved

- Non-slip material

- Easy to clean

Should Not Buy:

- Not dishwasher safe

- Not microwaveable

- Not intended for long-term use

- Not ideal for hot beverages


-Made from FDA approved food-grade silicone

-Heat-resistant up to 500°F

-BPA free


-Thin, lightweight, and durable


-Set of 4 coasters

-4.25" diameter

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