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Sandbag Trainer System

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Sandbag Trainer System

The Fringe Sport Sandbag System is an alternative to traditional barbells and dumbbells, designed for both strength and conditioning workouts. It features a durable, water-resistant PVC outer shell that is filled with strategically placed sand and sealed with industrial-grade buckles. The sandbag system also includes five easily adjustable handle sets, allowing you to adjust the resistance according to your needs. The bag has webbed handles, which make it easier to grip during workouts, and it's designed to evenly distribute weight throughout the bag for a smoother and more comfortable workout. Not only does the sandbag provide an effective and versatile form of training, it also helps to develop core muscles and improve stability. In addition, the sandbag is easy to carry and store, making it a great choice for home and travel workouts.

  • Small Trainer Only

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  • Large Trainer Only

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  • Trainer + 30lb of filler bags

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  • Trainer + 40lb of filler bags

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  • Trainer + 50lb of fillers bags

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  • Trainer + 60lb of filler bags

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  • Trainer + 80lb of filler bags

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  • Trainer + 100lb of filler bags

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Pros & Cons


• Comes with three sandbags for different resistance levels

• Adjustable handlebars that can be moved for different exercises

• Easy to set up and breakdown, packs away easily

• Made of heavy-duty, durable material

• Easy to move around


• It can be a bit expensive

• Limited exercises and types of movements

• Not ideal for high-intensity exercise or workouts with large weights

• Sandbags may need to be refilled regularly

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

- Fitness enthusiasts looking for a versatile weightlifting tool to challenge their strength and conditioning.

- CrossFitters who need a reliable, heavy-duty sandbag system for their workouts.

- Anyone looking for an easily transportable weight system to take to the gym or on the road.

Who should not buy:

- People who don't have access to space to store a sandbag system.

- Individuals who do not have adequate lifting technique or experience to use this heavy-duty system safely.

- Someone who is not intending to use the sandbag system for its intended purpose.


- Target resistance of 10-75lbs

- Includes a cushioned, weather-resistant vinyl exterior

- Available in a 20 inch diameter and a 28 inch diameter

- Utilizes a double-zipper bag for adjustable weight and frequency distribution

- Modular Magnetic Insert System allows for quick and easy weight changes

- Features four ballistic nylon handles for a variety of exercise movements

- Includes 5 filler bags weighting 3 lbs, one refillable water bottle weighting 1 lb

- Total weight capacity of 75 lbs

ProductWeight RangeCostHandles
Fringe Sport Sandbag Trainer System10 to 85lbs$145.004
CROSS101 Adjustable Sandbag10 to 120lbs$107.994
Jungle Gym Sandbag10 to 80lbs$137.993
APEX Adjustable Weight Sandbag10 to 80lbs$99.004

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