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Fringe Sport Vinyl Banner

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Fringe Sport Vinyl Banner

-bar : The FringeSport Banner Bar is an adjustable, multi-purpose lifting bar designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip when performing lifts and bodyweight exercises. The bar is made of solid steel and its length is adjustable from 27-38 inches according to the user's preferences. The diameter of the bar is 28 mm and it has a sleeve diameter of 2 inches. It comes with two safe collar clips for added stability and security during lifts. It is capable of supporting up to 400 lbs of weight due to its robust construction. It also features an ergonomic grip so that the user has a comfortable and secure grip when lifting. The bar comes with a 2-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Overall, the FringeSport Banner Bar is a reliable and well-crafted adjustable lifting bar ideal for bodyweight exercises and general strength training.

  • 10" x 20"

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  • 2' x 4'

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  • 4' x 8'

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality material offers durability and longevity

• Many sizes available - easy to find one that fits any space

• Great branding opportunity for any business or organization

• Vibrant colors capture attention

• Eye-catching graphics can help promote any message


• Pricey compared to other signs of the same size

• Limited to horizontal design

• Can be difficult to transport due to size and shape

• Not suitable to all environments due to size and design

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Those that are looking for stylish gym decor

• Those that are in need of a vibrant and eye-catching banner

• Gym owners looking for quality promotional materials

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for temporary decorations

• Those with a lower budget


- Dimension: 3' x 8'

- Material: Heavy Duty Vinyl

- Printed on Both Sides

- Outdoor Rated

- Grommets in Each Corner

- Easy to Hang

8' x 3'Vinyl
8' x 3'Vinyl
8' x 3'Vinyl
8' x 3'Vinyl
8' x 3'Vinyl

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