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Gym Chalk

: FringeSport Gym Chalk is an essential tool for any serious weightlifter's gym bag. This high-performing, go-to gym chalk comes in 1 pound 8.2 ounce blocks. FringeSport Gym Chalk can be broken down into smaller chunks for easier handling, allowing athletes to maximize their grip and steadiness on bars and weight plates. FringeSport Gym Chalk is made from the highest grade pure magnesium carbonate, which absorbs sweat and provides the perfect dry grip for athletes. It helps to ensure a firm and secure grip no matter how treacherous their workout gets. Plus, since it absorbs sweat, it can make a significant difference in performance and reduce the risk of developing blisters. Unlike loose chalk, FringeSport Gym Chalk is dust-free and won’t clog ventilation systems in the gym. This can help keep gym-goers safe from airborne chalk particles. This chalk can also double as a dry climbing aid for climbers and can help on other activities like pecans, pull-ups, and more. Although it is not designed for climbing, it can give climbers an added edge in completing difficult routes. All in all, FringeSport Gym Chalk is a must-have for any gym rat's gym bag. It's dust-free properties make it ideal for a variety of activities and its sweat-absorbing qualities help athletes maximize their grip and power.


Pros & Cons


• Dries hands quickly to enhance grip

• Low dust mess reduces clean up time

• Made with premium unscented magnesium carbonate

• Non-slip formula designed to improve grip without sacrificing comfort

• Long-lasting, blocks can last for multiple uses


• Blocks will not last especially long in especially humid conditions

• Scraping of chalk dust may irritate airways for people sensitive to dust particles

• Chalk may cause stinging sensation and redness on skin, particularly for those with sensitive skin

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Gym goers looking for extra grip in a safe and affordable way

• Climbers looking for a basic yet affordable way to decrease perspiration on their palms

• Parents looking for an affordable equipment for home workouts

Should Not Buy:

• Athletes that require intense grip and friction

• Artisans looking for specialty chalk for specific mediums

• Freestyle dancers looking for colorful magnesium carbonates


-Made of magnesium carbonate-filled cotton

-Super-fine granule size


-Weighs 9.2 ounces

-Non-staining, non-permanent

- Increases friction on your hands for superior grip when lifting

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