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28mm Plastic Gymnastic Rings w/ Straps

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28mm Plastic Gymnastic Rings w/ Straps

FringeSport’s Gymnastic Rings are an excellent quality piece of training equipment for all levels of athlete. Made out of solid hardwood and secure, adjustable straps, these black gymnastic rings are the perfect tool to develop strength and flexibility. The rings feature two” webbing straps with secure cam buckles, supplying a maximum safe and forever adjustable grip on the rings. The rings are secured to an adjustable length of 11 foot long ache cord which provides 8-10 feet of height above ground level. The 11 foot ache cord is made to resist abrasion and sunlight and is set to a predetermined length. The rings themselves are 1.25 inches thick and have a diameter of 8 inches. They are made from a multiple-ply hardwood composite that is water and weather resistant. The wood won’t wrinkle, crack or fade over time and is designed to provide even friction when gripping. The Gymnastic Rings are designed to be used outside, with a set-up that’s easy to accomplish. The rings provide a challenge for any level of athlete and make for a great upper body and core workout. Use these rings for exercises like pull-ups, chest flys, dips, muscle-ups and more. This versatile tool is essential for anyone looking to develop foundational skills and strength for any upper body and core exercises.

  • 30' Adjustable

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  • 20' Adj and 6' Fixed

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  • 6' Fixed

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  • 20' Adjustable

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Pros & Cons


• Made from durable hardwood.

• Lightweight and portable.

• Installation is easy.

• Versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises.

• Hypoallergenic handles.

• Comes with straps and anchor extensions.


• Expensive.

• Can take time to learn proper techniques for using the rings.

• Limited color/style options available.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Gymnasts or people interested in practicing gymnastics

• People looking for an effective workout tool

• Those interested in full-body exercises that target many muscle groups

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for a one-time-use item

• Those who are looking for equipment for a commercial gym


-Two 28mm plastic rings

-3.25m (10ft 8in) webbing straps with adjustable buckles

-High strength plastic construction

-Black strap for a classic look

-Ideal for basic gymnastics and CrossFit workouts

-Lightweight, easy to carry and transport

-Durable and reliable performance

-Available in multiple colors

-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Load CapacityRing DiameterStrap Length
2,700 Pound28mm30"
2,700 Pound28mm32"
2,700 Pound29mm30"
3,000 Pound28mm30"

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