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J-Cups 3x3 Pair

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J-Cups 3x3 Pair

The J Cups 3x3 Pair by OneFitWonder are heavy-duty j-cups specifically designed for 3x3 inch crossbars. These j-cups are ideal for racking any Olympic barbell or weight plates for quick and easy weight changes. Made from 1/4” steel, these j-cups are incredibly strong, capable of holding up to 800 pounds of weight. The steel construction of the J Cups make them corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant, making them last longer while avoiding any damage to your barbells. An internal gusseted design ensures the top of the j-cups are wide open for easy loading. Large textured polymer lining on the interior maximize safety and keep weight plates and bars from slipping. The ergonomic handle also provides a comfortable grip when adjusting weight. These j-cups feature a wide base with mounting holes for secure bolting. Installation is simple and straightforward, requiring just 6 bolts that are included. The overall dimensions are 4.5” x 4.5” x 9” (L x W x H) and weighs in at 5 pounds. In order to fit 3x3 inch crossbars, these j-cups come with a storage post distance of 4.50”.


Pros & Cons


• Durable 11-gauge steel Construction

• Compatible with 3x3" power rack setup

• Zero gap between the J-Cup and the power rack

• High-grade urethane lining prevents metal contact

• Low profile design

• Choice of red, blue, and black color options


• Only compatible with 3x3" power racks

• Pricey compared with similar products

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Heavy-duty construction and built to last

- Compatible with all Olympic bars

- Make for a professional-looking weight set

- Easy to use and install

Should Not Buy:

- Pricey compared to standard collars

- Not suitable for regular weight plates


• 3 latching halves

• ABS plastic construction

• 24mm wide opening

• Rubber bumpers for stability

• 25lb weight rating per cup

• One-step installation

• Optimized grip with various floor finishes

• Resilient against harsh chemicals

• BPA Free & Phthalate Free

Fringe Sport J-Cups 3x3 PairSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Durable Steel ConstructionDurable Steel ConstructionDurable Steel ConstructionDurable Steel Construction
High Level Floor ProtectionHigh Level Floor ProtectionHigh Level Floor ProtectionHigh Level Floor Protection
Bright Yellow and Black DesignBright Yellow and Black DesignBright Green and Black DesignBright Red and Black Design
Compatible with 3x3 RacksCompatible with 3x3 RacksCompatible with 3x3 RacksCompatible with 3x3 Racks
Weight: 8.5lbs per pairWeight: 8lbs per pairWeight: 10lbs per pairWeight: 6lbs per pair
Price: $45USDPrice: $50USDPrice: $40USDPrice: $30USD

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