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Mini Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)

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Mini Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)

The Fringe Sport Mini Farmers Walk Handles - Pair is a pair of lightweight, easy-to-use, and effective strength and conditioning tools. These handles are designed to help develop grip strength, stamina, and explosiveness through explosive lifting exercises. The handles feature aircraft-grade aluminum construction with ergonomic grips and widened thumb rests that provide optimal power, comfort, and control during usage. Moreover, the handles are specially designed to be as lightweight as possible at 6 lbs each, making them suitable for transport and storage. The handles also include an adjustable weight capacity of up to 150 lbs, allowing for versatility and scalability for all fitness levels. Additionally, the rubbery stoppers have been designed to prevent slipping and ensure optimal stability during workouts. Overall, the Fringe Sport Mini Farmers Walk Handles - Pair is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their strength, grip, and power. With its lightweight construction, adjustable weight capacity, and ergonomic design, these handles are sure to help athletes maximize their performance with each workout.


Pros & Cons


• Compact design allows for easy storage and portability

• Scaled-down version of the classic farmer’s walk strength assessment

• Features adjustable weights plates for creating more challenging workouts

• Constructed of strong steel for better durability

• Multi-grip positions available for different exercises


• Not as effective as traditional farmer’s walk

• Weights plates not included with handles

• Expensive price point compared to the traditional version

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy this Home Gym Product

- People who are looking to maximize their work space.

- People who are looking to customize their workout routine.

- People who are looking to increase grip strength and core stability.

- People who want to add diversity to their workouts.

Who Should Not Buy this Home Gym Product

- People who are looking for an all-in-one solution.

- People who don’t have the space or budget to commit to a full-sized farmers walk.

- People who are on a tight budget and cannot afford it.

- People who are looking for weight lifting equipment.


-Weight capacity: 275 lbs

-Handle Size: 1.25” diameter x 27.5” length

-Grip Size: 4.25” diameter x 6” length

-Collar Width: 2”

-Material: 6061 aluminum alloy

-Finish: Natural Anodized

-Color: Light Grey/Silver

-Manufactured in: USA

ProductWeight CapacityWeightLengthWidth
Fringe Sport Mini Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)150 lbs1.5 lb19”2”
Rage Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)500 lbs3.25 lbs24”2.25”
Gorilla Strength Grip Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)400 lbs3.35 lbs22”2.25”
Rep Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)500 lbs3.75 lbs25”2.375”

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