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Bulk Black Bumper Plates

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Bulk Black Bumper Plates

The OFW Premium Bumper Plates from Fringe Sport are designed to be the perfect choice for getting your weightlifting training off to a great start. These plates are made from a durable composite rubber, with a highly- textured surface that ensures a firm grip during lifts. They have steel inner hubs for a secure fit on all Olympic-style bars, and are available in 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55-pound plates. The diameters of the plates are consistent with IWF standards, and the surface is branded with iconic Fringe Sport logos. The heavier weight plates are color-coded for easy identification, and all plates come with steel inserts for protection against impact. The rubber construction helps to reduce noise from drops and make them safe for use in any gym environment. The plates are also very easy to clean and maintain, so you can use them for years to come.

  • 500 Lb Custom

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  • 1,000 Lb Custom

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Pros & Cons


• Reliable Construction and a more durable design

• Easy to store and take on the road

• Low bounce for safe and efficient weight lifting

• Won't crack or deform even with heavy drops

• Wide weight range available


• Price may be unaffordable for some

• Not suitable for color options or customization

• Might be too minimalistic in design for some lifters

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy this Product:

• Athletes wanting specific weight sets for CrossFit or Olympic-style lifting

• Fitness Enthusiasts looking for quality bumper plates

• Anyone wanting additional weight to add to their existing gym equipment

Who Should Not Buy this Product:

• Those with limited budget

• Those planning to lift very heavy weights

• Anyone wanting a piece of home gym equipment that offers more versatility, such as a multi-weight stack machine.


-450lb set weight capacity

-High density rubber construction

-Marine grade stainless steel hub on 10 and 15lbs plates

-Made in China

-100% satisfaction guarantee

-Highly durable and attractive design

-4 bumper plates: 2x25lbs, 2x10lbs, 2x5lb, 2x2.5lb

-Weight tolerance +/- 1% of claimed weight

ProductWeight CapacityDurabilityPrice
Fringe Sport Bulk Black Bumper Plates1,500 poundsExcellent$$
Rep Fitness Bumper Plates2,000 poundsExcellent$$
York Barbell Solid Rubber Bumper Plates1,500 poundsGood$$
Rage Fitness Competition Bumpers2,000 poundsExcellent$$$
CAP Barbell Bumper Plates1,500 poundsGood$

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