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Bulk Color Bumper Plates

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Bulk Color Bumper Plates

FringeSport OFW Bulk Color Bumper Plates are made of high-quality rubber that offers strength and durability. The rubber plates are designed to bounce back when dropped, reducing noise and protecting gym floors and other surfaces. These plates are available in a range of sizes and two attractive colors - red and blue. They feature a metal steel husk insert, which serves as a strong center point when weight training. The plates have high visibility, with laser-etched weighting on each plate's face so that users can easily tell the difference between the plates. The compact design allows for easy storage in almost any space. A great choice for experienced weightlifters and newcomers alike, the FringeSport OFW Bulk Color Bumper Plates offer long-lasting performance and dependability.

  • 500 Lb Custom

    In Stock


  • 1,000 Lb Custom

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• High quality rubber material with protective wear guard

• Good value for the money

• Available in several colors

• Customizable with company branding

• Accurate weight for each plate

• Very durable


• May require additional shipping costs for bulk orders

• Plate edges may be sharp

• Not ideal for Olympic lifting due to tight holes in center

Who Should Buy


People Who Should Buy:

- Those looking for high-quality bumper plates

- Athletes who want to upgrade their home gym setup

- People who want a reliable product that will last a long time

People Who Should Not Buy:

- Those on a tight budget

- People who don't need high-quality bumper plates

- People who don't need a durable product


- 10 lb weight plate measures 10.25" in diameter

- 15 lb weight plate measures 12.50" in diameter

- 25 lb weight plate measures 16.50" in diameter

- 35 lb weight plate measures 18.25" in diameter

- 45 lb weight plate measures 19.50" in diameter

- Plate thickness: high quality rubber plates with steel inserts

- Durable, low bounce weight plates

- Easy to clean plates with jagged edge to help prevent slippage

- Color coded for different weights for easier recognition

- Ideal for Olympic weightlifting exercises

ProductPriceWeight CapacityDiameter
Fringe Sport Bulk Color Bumper Plates$1.45/ lb500lbs17.7"
Rogue Bumper Plates$1.38/ lb750lbs17.8”
Sorinex LX Bumper Plates$2.00/ lb500lbs17.7”
CAP Barbell Bumper Plate$1.05/ lb1200lbs17.7”
Ivanko OBPU Bumper Plates$2.11/ lb1750lbs17.8”

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