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Fractional Plate Set in Pounds

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Fractional Plate Set in Pounds

These OFW Fractional Plates by Fringe Sport offer a great way to add incremental weight to your free weight-training routine. These weights come in a variety of weight options - choose either one-eighth, one-quarter, three-eighths, one-half, five-eighths, three-quarters and seven-eighths pound increments. Made of solid iron, these plates are constructed to last. The plates are covered with a heavy-duty rubberized coating, making them toxic-free, odorless and more comfortable to handle than traditional iron plates. The plates have a standard 1-inch diameter hole, so they can fit most Olympic barbells, standard barbells, dumbbell handles and plate-loaded machines. These fractional plates are available in individual or bulk quantities, making them great for home gyms, commercial gyms and athletes of all levels. And with a narrow profile and low-noise design, you can use these plates without distracting others in your home or commercial gym. The OFW Fractional Plates by Fringe Sport are a great way to add incremental weight to your free weight-training routine and help you maximize your progress. The construction and design of these weighted plates will provide you with a safe and effective workout experience.


Pros & Cons


• Allows precise weight tracking

• Easy to store and use

• Variety of smaller plate sizes for better range of motion and safer lifts for certain exercises

• Color coded for easy identification

• Plate materials are coated with a rubber layer for enhanced durability


• Slightly more expensive than standard plates

• Smaller plates can be difficult to grip for certain exercises

• May not provide enough resistance for advanced weightlifters

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Perfect for small-space living

- Extremely affordable

- Quality materials and craftsmanship

- Wide selection of sizes and weights

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for heavy lifters

- Not ideal for Olympic lifting

- No pre-set resistance settings


-Durable and heavy duty construction

-Plates are colored coded for easy identification

-Measures just 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16th of a pound

-Accurate to within 0.5-1.0% of advertised weight

-UV-resistant rubber avoids fading and cracking

-Steel inserts provide a snug fit onto Olympic barbells

ProductWeight RangePrice
Fringe Sport Fractional Plate Set in Pounds0.25 - 2.5 lbs$127.00
Rep 1/4 lb Weight Plates (2 Pair)0.25-2.5 lbs$24.99
Force USA Fractional Plates0.125 - 2.5 lbs$46.99
Fragola Fractional Plates0.125 - 1.5 lbs$69.99
Bracktopia Fractional Plates0.125 - 2.5 lbs$44.95

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