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Cable Speed Rope

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Cable Speed Rope

This OneFitWonder Cable Speed Rope from Fringe Sport is designed for speed, agility and accuracy training. The dual cable design allows for speed and strength training in one session, making this an ideal piece of equipment for those who need to get the most out of their workouts. The ergonomic handles feature cutouts for maximum comfort and control, and the lightweight steel construction is meant for durability and prevents warping or breaking when in use. The ball bearings in the handles ensure a smooth rotation to keep your jumps consistent, while the diamond knurled cord allows you to easily adjust the rope length as needed. This rope is a great choice for athletes of all levels and abilities who are looking to improve their speed, agility and accuracy in sports and fitness.

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Pros & Cons


• Durable – made from high quality steel and PVC materials

• Adjustable cable length to accommodate various heights and abilities

• Handle length is also adjustable to give the user a comfortable grip

• Design minimizes tangle

• Color-coded handles for better identification

• High speed ball bearings for fast and accurate feedback


• More expensive than a basic jump rope

• Only available in one color design

• Cable length may still require some work to get it to the desired length

Who Should Buy

• Should buy:

- Great for conditioning or HIIT work

- Durable and lightweight

- Adjustable rope length

• Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for heavier athletes

- Can be difficult to get the proper wrist action for swinging the rope


• Length: 9' 10"

• Handles: 6.25" x 0.3"

• Cable: 2.5 mm coated PVC

• Weight: 3.8 oz

• Bearings: 5 universal ball bearings

• Coating: Polyurethane coated for longer life

ProductCable SpeedHandle LengthBearingPrice
Fringe Sport Cable Speed Rope10 Feet7.5"Yes$16.50
Tekmun Speed Jump Rope10 Feet8"Yes$13.99
WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope10 Feet9"Yes$12.95
FORTOP Jump Rope10 Feet7.75"Yes$13.99
ValourGo Exercise Jumping Rope9 Feet5.5"No$10.99

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