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Commercial Sled

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Commercial Sled

The OneFitWonder Commercial Prowler Sled from FringeSport is a great addition to any gym, team or home fitness space. This powder-coated steel sled is designed to help users develop strength and increase conditioning with its adjustable harness and superior pushing power. The sled has a 20-inch width and a length of indicated at 76-inches, giving it plenty of stability when pushed or pulled. It has an adjustable harness allowing the user to customize the sled’s height on the frame, making it perfect for users of any size. The FringeSport sled also comes with 4 height adjustable push handles, giving the user the ability to slide their grip on the handles which makes it easier to reach their desired height and concentric movements. In addition, the sled also has a welded steel frame which gives it superior pushing power and resistance, with a maximum recommended load of 400lbs. The FringeSport sled is perfect for those looking for a heavy-duty fitness training piece for their home gym, teams or fitness classes. The sled is easy to push and pull, and the 4 adjustable handles ensure that users of any size can get the most out of their workouts. Also included with the sled is a set of 13.5-inch plyometric feet, these feet make the sled stackable, in addition to adding an additional push/pull resistance. The feet also provide more cushioning for added safety. The FringeSport sled is built for stability, curving edges and reinforced gussets strengthen the sled and make it less likely to flip over when turning. Thus making it ideal for dynamic movements, power sprints, or resistance training. Whether you’re looking to get a full body workout or just working on developing strength and power, the FringeSport commercial prowler sled provides an incredibly effective solution.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty frame designed to stand up to commercial grade use

• Large wheels on the back for easy maneuverability on any surface

• Made of high-grade materials with a durable finish

• Innovative design that lets you do multiple exercises with one piece of equipment

• Different height options available to fit your all your training needs


• Price may be too expensive for some people

• Requires significant assembly once delivered

• May be too large or heavy for at home or outdoor use

• Height may be difficult to adjust for some users

• No weight stack included, so you will need to purchase weights separately

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy It:

• Individuals who are serious about weight training and need to add this type of equipment to their home gym

• People who want to increase their endurance and strength

• Lifters who want access to a piece of equipment that will enhance their training results

Who Should Not Buy It:

• Individuals who don't have a lot of space in their home gym and need something more compact

• People who are on a tight budget and need to look for more affordable equipment options

• Those that like to stick with more traditional exercises and don't want to add Plyo or sled work to their workouts


• UHMW plastic sled surface measures 39" x 21" x 3.5".

• Overall sled measures 47.5" x 28.5" x 3.5"

• Two steel tow bars measure 35" x 2" and are mounted 5.5" off the ground

• Eight heavy duty sled skates measure 3.5" x 3.25"

• Features a heavy duty steel frame with a black powder coating

• Includes adjustable speed rope anchor

• Assembly of sled required

• Maximum load is 300 lbs

• Weighs 65 lbs

ProductWeightCapacityHandleBody Type
Fringe Sport Commercial Sled60 lbs500 lbsNoneSteel
Rep Sled50 lbs500 lbsU-shapedSteel
Titan Fitness Sled50 lbs500 lbsO-handleSteel
Cap Barbell Speed Sled50 lbs600 lbsBar HandleSteel

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