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Commercial Squat Rack

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Commercial Squat Rack

The OneFitWonder Commercial Squat Rack from Fringe Sport is an essential tool if your gym needs a high quality, reliable solution for squatting and other strength training exercises. Featuring 2” x 2” 11-gauge steel construction, the OneFitWonder Commercial Squat Rack is heavy-duty and manufactured to last. The sturdy frame and bolt together design helps to ensure that the rack can easily handle the weight of heavier loads. The Commercial Squat Rack comes with adjustable height j-hooks so users can easily adjust the height of their barbell to fit their height and desired range of motion. Additionally,- the sturdy, chrome-plated spotter arms will hold your weight when doing squats and can easily be lowered or raised. The OneFitWonder Commercial Squat Rack also features a pull-up bar that can be used to target the back, arms, and core. The pull-up bar has a comfortable grip and the extra-wide front bar allows it to accommodate chin-ups, pull-ups, and other standing exercises. The OneFitWonder Commercial Squat Rack has a unique 2-in-1 design so users can also use it as a dip/chin-up station. This adds versatility to your workout and allows users to get a great upper-body workout as well as squats. The OneFitWonder Commercial Squat Rack comes with a lifetime warranty and is easy to assemble. This high quality, reliable piece of equipment is designed to stand up to years of use and is perfect for any gym or fitness enthusiast.


Pros & Cons


- durable, heavy-duty steel Construction

• hole spacing for flexibility in adding additional j-hooks or safety spotter arms

• integrated design for maximal stability and strength

• adjustable spotter arms for altering bar catches

• extra-long 48" bar catch and saftely lever arm for convenience

• experience of a safe and reliable squat rack


• lacks tools for assembling the product

• more expensive than similar products

• not aesthetically pleasing

Who Should Buy

Anyone who is looking to buy a squat rack for their home gym should consider purchasing the FringeSport OneFitWonder Commercial Squat Rack. Its sturdy construction and adjustable height make it perfect for weightlifting exercises. People who are not looking for an affordable power rack, are on a tight budget, or are looking for something more compact should look elsewhere.


- 7 foot height

- Fully adjustable spotter arms

- Variable Westside hole spacing

- 2” x 3” 11 gauge steel frame

- J-cups included

- 265 lb rack-pull rating

- 3 different racks available (incline, short, standard)

- Laser-cut number and letter markings for quick adjustability

Rep FITNESS Power RackBody-Solid Powerline Squat RackValor Fitness Rack
11-Gauge Steel11-Gauge Steel12-Gauge Steel
89-96”H x 53”L x 46”W78”H x 44”L x 44”W82”H x 48”L x 48”W
8 Westside Holes and 8 Band Pegs8 Plate pegs7-Gauge Steel J-Hooks
No SpottersNo SpottersNo Spotters

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