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Farmer's Walk Handles

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Farmer's Walk Handles

The OneFitWonder Farmer’s Walk Handles are an incredibly useful tool for strength training and building overall body strength. Crafted from solid stainless steel, they offer superior durability and a sleek, minimalist look that won’t look out of place in the average gym. Designed to allow you to start training with heavier loads right away, the handles feature a comfortable grip and 10mm diameter, making them suitable for a wide range of workout routines and exercises. As the name suggests, the handles are perfect for farmer’s walk exercises, widely considered an invaluable training tool for increasing grip strength, lower body stability, and core strength. The large diameter allows users to hold up to 600 lbs. total weight, so you can gradually increase the weight as you become stronger. The knurled grip helps you maintain a secure hold on the bar, eliminating the risk of slipping or dropping heavy weight. The handles come with a 2-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your purchase is protected in the event of any issues. They come in an attractive black and silver color scheme, so they won’t clash with the rest of your workout gear. For those looking for an effective training tool to help them increase muscle strength and core stability, the OneFitWonder Farmer’s Walk Handles are an excellent choice.


Pros & Cons


• Made from quality steel with a durable black powder coating.

• Ergonomic grips allow for comfortable and secure hold.

• Collapsible storage.

• Non-slip feet provide extra stability and minimize marks on the floor.

• Can also be used for carrying heavy loads, building grip strength, and increasing overall body conditioning.


• Might be too heavy for beginners.

• Price is quite high.

• Collapsible nature may reduce the strength of the grip.

• May require extra equipment for certain exercises.

Who Should Buy

Reasons for who SHOULD buy:

- Durable construction with patent-pending design

- Only 8" of space required with two handles

- Ergonomically correct shape for comfortable grip

- Accommodates up to 385 lb max load

- Ideal for conditioning and fat loss workouts

Reasons for who SHOULDN'T buy:

- Price point may not fit everyone's budget

- Limited use/only for farmer's walks

- May not be the ideal size for some users

- Not suitable for Olympic lifts


-Material: High Tensile Strength Steel

-Grip Diameter: 28mm

-Weight Capacity: 600+ lbs

-Handle Length: 40”

-Width Between Handles: 18"

-Powder Coated Finish

-Price: $99.95

Handle LengthHandle DiameterWeight Capacity
Handle LengthHandle DiameterWeight Capacity
5ft (1.5m)3”600 lbs
4ft (1.2m)2”550 lbs
6ft (1.8m)2”500 lbs
4ft (1.2m)2”500 lbs

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