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Plastic Mini Kettlebell Paper Weight

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Plastic Mini Kettlebell Paper Weight

The Fringe Sport Plastic Mini Kettlebell is a compact, lightweight tool that allows for full-body strength and conditioning workouts in tight spaces. Whether you're looking for a way to get in a workout when travelling or looking for a new and effective way to train at the comfort of your home, this Mini Kettlebell is sure to be a great option. The mini kettlebell is designed to be ergonomic and has been constructed from plastic. This makes it incredibly lightweight and practical for everyday use. As for size, it measures in at a compact 5.8” in height and 5.3 lbs in weight. It supports regular kettlebell movements such as swings, presses, deadlifts and squats; this makes it a great tool for at-home HIIT workouts and strength-building exercises. Other than affordability and convenience, the Mini Kettlebell also offers superior comfort and grip. Its contoured handle is specifically designed to fit snugly and securely in the palm of your hands. This ensures that you can control the kettlebell with precision and accuracy during your workout. Finally, the kettlebell has a matte black finish that is both stylish and rust-resistant. All in all, the Fringe Sport Plastic Mini Kettlebell is an affordable and practical option suitable for home gym and travelling workouts. With its ergonomic construction and contoured handle, you can perform a variety of rigorous exercises without worrying about slipping or losing control of the kettlebell. If you're looking for an efficient and effective way to get a strength-building and HIIT workout, this Mini Kettlebell might just be for you.

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Pros & Cons


• Suitable for a wide range of exercises

• Made from solid ABS plastic to withstand drops and regular use

• Different color-coded sizes available to differentiate weights

• Space-saving design great for small, home gyms

• Multipurpose uses


• Might not be as strong as a traditional cast iron kettlebell

• May be difficult to grip depending on user’s size

• Not suitable for heavy lifts and powerlifting

• Noisy when dropped on a hard surface

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Product:

•Beginner kettlebell lifters looking for an affordable option to try out the exercise

•Bodyweight training enthusiasts who want to add some variation to their workouts

•People who enjoy working out from home with minimal equipment

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

•Kettlebell lifters interested in lifting heavier weights

•People who are looking for a metal kettlebell

•Endurance athletes who are looking for a lightweight piece of equipment for their cardio workouts


• Cup-shaped plastic body

• Durable and long-lasting

• Weighs 2.2 pounds

• Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 6.7 inches

• Neoprene interior for comfortable grip

• Non-slip base for stability

• Plastic handle

• Heavy-duty construction

Fringe Sport Plastic Mini6 lbsWide$15.95
Unipack Neoprene6 lbsWide$14.99
Nice C Adjustable6 lbs to 10 lbsNon-Slip$19.99
CAP Kettlebell7 lbsWide$16.99
Yes4All Kettlebell8 lbsWide$20.99

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