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Prime Kettlebells by Fringe Sport

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Prime Kettlebells by Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebells are an excellent choice for any athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for a versatile, high-quality training tool. These durable and reliable kettlebells feature a single-piece steel construction that is engineered for long-lasting strength and durability. They come in a variety of sizes, from 9-48 kg, allowing for a range of weightlifting exercises. All of their prime kettlebells have a black powder-coated finish and flat bottom for easy storage. The handles are black oxide finished and textured for a firm and comfortable grip, even during the most intense workouts. These kettlebells are perfect for any type of workout routine, from swings, squats, presses, to deadlifts. The Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebells can be used in any home or gym setting and provide great results every time. With their durability, versatility, and reliable construction, the Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebells are sure to be an excellent benefit to any fitness regimen.

  • 4kg / ~9lb

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  • 6kg / ~13lb

    In Stock


  • 8kg / ~18lb

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  • 10kg / ~22lb

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  • 12kg / ~26lbs

    In Stock


  • 14kg / ~31lb

    In Stock


  • 16kg / ~35lb

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  • 18kg / ~40lb

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  • 20kg / ~44lb

    In Stock


  • 24kg / ~53lb

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  • 28kg / ~62lb

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  • 32kg / ~70lb

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  • 36kg / ~79lb

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  • 40kg / ~88lb

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  • 48kg / ~106lb

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Quality Construction from solid iron cast.

• Unique and attractive color options.

• Variety of different weight sizes available.

• Rubber shell padding for quieter use and floor protection.

• Textured handle for better grip.

• Steel handles designed for extra stability.

• Flat bottom for ease of storage.

• sided design for even weight distribution.


• Potentially more expensive than other generic brands.

• Not adjustable like some other kettlebells.

• More limited weight range when compared to adjustable models.

• Shipping costs may be somewhat expensive.

• Heavy item so not ideal to carry around large distances.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Those looking to boost their fitness routine with resistance training

-Athletic trainers looking to workout their clients in the gym

-Those who want an affordable and well-made piece of fitness equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

-Those who are looking for a professional gym quality kettlebell

-Those not wanting to add weight training to their workout routine

-Those with limited budget for a less expensive alternative


• Range of sizes from 10lbs to 77lbs

• Color coded by weight

• Flat-bottomed for stability

• Cast iron construction with smooth powder coating

• Textured handles for secure grip

• Milled handles keep locked weight plates for optimal center of gravity

• Durable and chip resistant finish

• Wobble free design

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