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Fitness Swords - Katana, Omens, Power

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Fitness Swords - Katana, Omens, Power

The Sword Mace from FringeSport is a unique and effective way to build core strength, develop power and increase your overall athleticism. The 32” Solid Steel Macebell is made of solid steel and weighs 20 LBS, making it perfect for a wide range of training levels, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. As well as providing resistance for a variety of exercises, it’s also heavy enough for mace swings to really work your core muscles. The Macebell’s slightly curved handle allows for a comfortable grip when performing overhead swings, presses or throws. It’s also ideal for rotational drills to increase your mind-muscle connection and to improve your speed and power. The body-weight exercises you can use with the Macebell, including “Get-Ups” and “Push-Ups” will work both your upper and lower body, helping to build strength throughout your body. The Sword Mace is a great way to build muscle and get in shape and is a must-have for strength and conditioning enthusiasts everywhere.

  • Omens Mace Sword - 7lb

    Out of Stock


  • Katana Mace Sword - 5lb

    In Stock


  • Power Mace Sword - 10lb

    In Stock


  • Set of Three - Katana/Omens/Power

    Out of Stock


Pros & Cons


• Includes metal mace and rubber-coated machined steel handles

• Ergonomic handles for comfortable grip

• Versatile exercise tool that can be used to target muscle groups for a full body workout

• Durable and built to last

• Portable and easy to take to your home or the gym


• Pricey compared to other brands

• Weights can be difficult for some beginners to manage

• Swinging the mace can be dangerous if you don't employ proper form

Who Should Buy

Should Buy

- Good value for money compared to other gym equipment

- Durable and built to last

- Ergonomic design to decrease risk of injury

- Versatile weights and sizes available

Should Not Buy

- If you are not physically fit or strong enough to lift the weight

- If you do not have the proper space to use the equipment

- If you are just starting out in strength training



-Overall Length: 40”

-Blade Length: 28.5”

-Handle Length: 11.75”

-Weight: 1.5 lbs

Fringe Sport Fitness Sword - Katana17.63oz..198"$49
Fringe Sport Fitness Sword - Omens15.7oz..198"$49
Fringe Sport Fitness Sword - Power18.34oz..159"$89
Aiglon Steel Practice Sword22oz..189"$59
Drysin Steel Practice Rapier22.46oz..187"$89
Gladiator Elite Steel Training Sword22.7oz..189"$99

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