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Mercury Push Pull Sled

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Mercury Push Pull Sled

The FringeSport Velocity Push Sled is a versatile, durable exercise sled designed to help strength and conditioning athletes of all levels maximize their workout. Its rugged construction features an adjustable top panel for increased resistance, heavy-duty steel rails for superior stability, and an extra-wide base for excellent traction. The integrated handle allows for a safe and secure grip, allowing you to focus on pushing with the power of your legs. The Velocity Push Sled is perfect for empowering exercises such as sprinting, walking, dragging and pushing. The sled is available in three sizes with different capacities, ensuring you can find the perfect sled for your needs. It's high-quality construction and affordable price make the Velocity Push Sled an ideal choice for anyone looking to increase their agility and power.


Pros & Cons


• Adjustable harness accommodates users of all sizes

• Heavy-duty Construction is built to withstand any type of terrain

• Easy to transport due to light weight and transport handle

• Easy to use with convenient handlebars

• Can be used to train both the lower and upper body


• More expensive than other sleds on the market

• Does not come with weights, so you must purchase separate

• Material may not be as high quality as some other sleds

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking to add intensity to conditioning and strength exercises

• Individuals who want to shape and tone their bodies

• Fitness enthusiasts looking for a versatile piece of equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a very lightweight sled

• People who do not have access to a flat surface for pushing the sled

• Individuals who are not comfortable with more intense physical activities


-Weight: 50 lbs

-Dimensions: 25” x 16” x 7”

-Construction: Steel frame with a black powder coat finish

-Sloped angle frame for better back position when pushing

-Loadable space: Up to 545lbs in 8” Olympic sized plates

-Four sled posts - Olympic weight plates fit over 4" posts

-Two sets of removable push/pull bars

-Two 5-foot adjustable nylon straps

Frame MaterialMaximum Load Capacity
Frame MaterialMaximum Load Capacity
11-Gauge Steel500lb
Frame MaterialMaximum Load Capacity
Frame MaterialMaximum Load Capacity
Frame MaterialMaximum Load Capacity

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