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15 kg Women's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell

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15 kg Women's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell

The Wonder Woman Bar 15kg Womens Olympic Barbell is an all-purpose barbell designed with both form and function in mind. It features a chrome finish and an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use while helping you to build a strong and balanced body. The barbell uses a 28.5mm diameter and a moderate whip, making it a great bar for Olympic weightlifting practice. This bar accommodates both Olympic plates as well as standard weight plates, making it versatile. The Knurling is moderately aggressive, sharp but comfortable so that performing deadlifts, back squats, and cleans won’t hurt your hands. Additionally, it features Wonder Woman inspired logos for a motivational boost. This bar is built for women, accommodating up to 220lbs on the bar and with a 1-year warranty from Fringe Sport.

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  • Bearing 15kg - IN STOCK!

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Pros & Cons


• High quality Olympic grade steel

-Single piece Construction for added stability

• High weight tolerance and maximum weight capacity of 1000 lbs.

• Knurling pattern that provides the ideal grip for Olympic weightlifting

• Stylish finish with Wonder Woman logos on the sleeves

• High quality snap ring to ensure a secure fit of weight plates


• Price is higher than standard Olympic barbells

• No center knurling

• Sleeve length is shorter than competition standard Olympic barbells

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-Women's bar specifically designed to fit comfortably in the hands of female lifters

-Stainless steel sleeves give a smooth, quiet spin and long-lasting wear

-High-strength, medium-flex alloy steel shaft with hard chrome coating

-Easy on the eyes with attractive “Wonder Woman” design

Should Not Buy:

-Pricey for an Olympic barbell

-No knurling for additional grip

-Light weight (15 kg) not suitable for heavy lifts/maxing out


- Made with precision engineering from high-quality North American steel

- Sleeves are precision ground and polished

- Bushing design prevents twirl and allows for smooth rotation

- Come with signature diamond knurling for ergonomic grip

- Finished with a hard chrome coating to ensure a long-lasting product

- Weight capacity of 1,000lbs (453.6 kg)

- Length of 82.25in (208.9 cm)

- Shaft diameter of 25 mm & 30 mm

- Includes 2 needle bearing per sleeve

- Weight: 15 kg

- Finish: Hard Chrome

- Knurling: Medium diamond knurling with no center knurl

- Product Warranty: 5 Years

ProductBarbell LengthWeight RatingFinishSpin
Fringe Sport 15kg Women's Wonder Bar Olypmic Barbell2200mm15kgBright Zinc4 Bearing
Men's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell2200mm20kgBright Zinc4 Bearing
KingMaker Standard Weightlifting Bar2000mm20kgBright Zinc2 Bearing
Xpect Fitness Olympic Barbell2000mm20kgBlack Zinc4 Bearing
Jeden Diamond Barbell1800mm15kgBright Zinc2 Bearing

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