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PLATE LOADED | Leg Ext/ Leg Curl Combo

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PLATE LOADED |  Leg Ext/ Leg Curl Combo

The Prime Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo offers users the perfect combination of exercises to target the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. This machine is built from heavy-duty steel and features a 4-Way Adjustable Seat designed to fit a wide range of users. It also comes with a fully adjustable range of motion so that users can target specific areas for optimal results. The lever arms feature double D-handle attachment points for a comfortable and secure grip during workouts. The weight stack is designed so that users can easily increase or decrease the resistance according to their fitness level. It also features rubberized footpads for added stability and comfort. This high-quality machine is perfect for any home gym and is a great way to build strength and definition in the lower body.


Pros & Cons


• Deluxe ergonomic contoured seat for added comfort

• Upper roller assembly to enable a full range of motion

• Four adjustable start positions to accommodate any user

• Easy pop-pin adjustable back pad

-Commercial Construction grade for excellent durability

• Rubber feet provide for a stable foundation


• Limited leg muscle exercise selection

• Limited amount weight load

• No abduction/adduction exercises

Who Should Buy


• Those who want to add strength training to their workout routine

• Those who are looking for a more effective way to build their leg muscles

• Those who are limited on space and need a small but powerful piece of exercise equipment


• Those who are not prepared to invest in a piece of exercise equipment

• Those who don’t enjoy leg workouts

• Those who are currently working out in the gym and already have access to a leg curl machine


-Designed for use with standard weight plates

-Adjustable thigh pads and calf pads

-Heavy-duty rubber foot plate

-Cassette-style adjustment

-Extremely smooth bearings

-Bars rotate independently with both sets of pads set in the same position

-Guide rods lock into place when transferred from one exercise to the other

Weight Stack(in lbs.)Weight Capacity (lbs.)Dimensions (L x W x H inches)
Leg Ext/Leg Curl Combo9095 x 53 x 53Plate Load
16550071” x 61” x 83.5”Leverage System
18040055.5” x 61” x 72”Leverage System
Stackable75059 x 59 x 58.5Leverage System
6025051.2” x 40.6” x 87”Cable Motion

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