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PLATE LOADED | Low Back Extension

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PLATE LOADED | Low Back Extension

-machine The Plate Loaded Low Back Extension Machine by Prime Fitness USA is an essential piece of equipment for any gym seeking to provide its members with an effective and efficient core strength development workout. The machine features a contoured and adjustable torso pad, providing optimal stability and support during workouts. The heavy-gauge steel frame is designed for maximum width and height adjustability, ensuring that users of all sizes can use the machine comfortably and achieve their desired results. The machine features an adjustable back pad which can be tilted for increased range of motion, as well as two precision-machined weight plates to adjust the resistance in order to challenge users of all fitness levels. The ergonomic handles allow for comfortable and secure positioning of the body during workouts, and the powder-coated finish provides an attractive look and finish. The Plate Loaded Low Back Extension Machine from Prime Fitness USA is an excellent choice for any gym or health club looking to provide a fullbody strengthening workout for their clients. With its adjustable back pad, two weight plates, and adjustable height and width settings, it provides an effective, efficient and enjoyable workout.


Pros & Cons


• Ideal for professional gym use or for those wanting to improve their fitness at home

• Fully adjustable to accommodate users of any size and body-type

- Steel Construction ensures strength and stability during use

• Features a smooth natural motion path

• Oversized square foot plates for a better overall connection and stability

• Padded roller keeps the lower back comfortable during workouts


• Does not come with specific instructions on how to use the machine

• Can be difficult to assemble without tools and prior experience

• Expensive for many consumers

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

•People with an established fitness routine

•People who are looking for a piece of equipment to add to their home gym

•People who want to improve core strength and stability

Who Should Not Buy:

•People who are new to the fitness world

•People who are looking to build serious muscle mass

•People who do not have a large budget for fitness equipment


• Weight resistance: plate loaded

• Padding: vinyl backed foam

• Footplate: for extra stability

• Ergonomic back support: user friendly design

• Hand grips: foam rollers

• Adjustment: 6 seating thickness positions

• Weight capacity: 800 lbs.

• Construction: heavy-duty steel frame

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 62” x 23" x 48”

• Durable finish: electrostatic powder coat

Prime Fitness PLATE LOADEDLow Back ExtensionOther Similar Product
Max User Weight400 lbs250 lbs
Seat adjustable range32.5” to 45”36” to 45”
Weight StacksStackableStackable
Color FinishBlack with Blue AccentsBlack with Silver
Built-In WheelsYesYes

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