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SW | SOLOS (Pair)

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SW | SOLOS (Pair)

The Prime Fitness USA SW SOLOS is a functional fitness machine for strength training, cardio and stretching. This unit includes a variety of exercises that provide a comprehensive workout. Each user can tailor the exercise programs to their individual needs. Features multiple levels of resistance and adjustable heights for optimal body placement. The Prime Fitness USA SW SOLOS is a multi-station system that offers users a strong, safe and effective workout in a home environment. The cable-pulley system utilizes two cables with adjustable resistance training for adding intensity to the exercises. The tower platform has adjustable heights and foot anchors on both the front and back to provide stability while performing movements. The adjustable pull-up bar on the tower offers a variety of grip positions for more targeted strengthening exercises. The resistance bands provide added levels of resistance to exercises, including bicep curls, chest presses and rows. The bands allow for both upper and lower body training. The stretch bars, core training pulleys and stability ball attachments allow for a full-body workout experience. The SW SOLOS also offers users interactive fitness options, such as Bluetooth capabilities and pre-programmed routines. The built-in LCD screen tracks time, calories and other fitness-related data. The users can also monitor their progress with audio and visual cues. The Prime Fitness USA SW SOLOS specialises in providing its users with a safe and comfortable workout experience. It features padded handles, a wide range of exercises and adjustable features that make the unit ideal for individuals wanting to train safely at home. Plus, the range of features and exercises offer the versatility to customize your workout to fit your needs. With its range of adjustable features and equipment, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their body.

  • 10 Degree Incline

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  • 20 Degree Incline

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  • 30 Degree Incline

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Pros & Cons


• Compact design

• Full range of motion

• Adjusts to fit user height

• Clear and easy-to-follow instructions

• Can be built in 2 minutes

• Made with high-quality materials


• Limited load capacity

• No pre-set workout options

• Not suitable for serious athletes or powerlifters

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

* Those looking to save money on gym memberships, as this is a great cost-effective alternative

* Those looking to get a full-body workout within the convenience of their own home

* Those looking for a durable piece of equipment that can help them work their entire body

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

* Those with limited space in their home, as this piece of equipment can take up a significant amount of space

* Those unwilling to commit to a routine as this is something that one needs to do to get the most out of this product

* Those looking for a quick fix, as this product will require discipline and practice to get results


-Adjustable tubing tension

-Extra wide handles

-Soft Textured Grips

-Accommodates multiple fitness levels

-Height adjustable

-Pairs quickly and easily

-Compact and Lightweight Design

-Premium grade construction

-High tensile strength cable

-Multiple steel frame designs

-Spring clips securely attach tubing

-Works for upper and lower body exercise

-Crash guard end caps featured

-Easy to view size indicator

-Attachable to wall, door, and ceiling

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