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100' x 1.25" Manila Pulling Rope

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100' x 1.25" Manila Pulling Rope

Rogue Fitness' 100' x 1.25" Manila Pulling Rope is a heavy-duty accessory for athletes in need of a reliable and foolproof way to train and develop strength. The rope is crafted from premium manila rope and designed for optimal durability, making it suitable for anyone, from beginner to advanced athletes. This pulling rope is about 100 feet long and constructed from 1.25" thick manila rope - the same industrial-grade, natural fiber rope found in development, construction and fitness applications. This type of rope is designed to handle loads of up to 600 lbs, while also resisting exposure to saltwater, sunlight and rot. The rope comes with a protected resin finish that adds further longevity to the rope, reducing the effects of wear and tear. In terms of design, this rope includes a unique "stopper" section on one end, allowing users to easily hoist the rope and keep it secure during use. The rope can be used for a variety of different pull exercises, and is capable of supporting multiple climbers at once. The rope is also relatively easy to store, as it can be time in a storage bag or a bin without it taking up too much space. Overall, Rogue Fitness' 100' x 1.25" Manila Pulling Rope is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable way to strengthen and develop muscles thanks to its strong rot- and sunlight-resistant manila rope construction, reinforced resin finish and stopper for extra security. It's also easy to clean, store and use, and can support multiple climbers at once.


Pros & Cons


• High-quality Construction – made with a durable combination of manila, nylon and polypropylene strands

• Designed for CrossFit and fitness-related rope activities

• Heavy-duty fibrous core provides extreme durability

• Multiple handles, including eyelet-style handles and regular leather handles

• Highly affordable

• Easy to hang to use in a variety of different ways


• Can be uncomfortable on hands if not handled with proper gloves

• Not adjustable so may be a little too short or too long for some users

• Can fray over time if not well maintained

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Sturdy and durable construction

• 1 1/4-inch diameter for increased difficulty

• Low-stretch polyester cover for increased protection

• Great for strength and conditioning training

Should Not Buy:

• Those with limited budget

• Anyone who prefers thicker rope diameters

• Anyone who requires a rope built for intense climbing activities


-100’ length rope

-1.25” diameter Manila rope

-Made using twisted construction

-Textured surface for better grip

-Smooth, round ends to reduce wear

-Comes with 4 anchor attachments

-Manufactured in America

Rope NameDiameterLengthFeatures
Rogue 100' x 1.25" Manila Pulling Rope1.25"100'Machine spliced eye, UV treated & natural fibers
Yale 48715101252 100' x 1.25" Manila Pulling Rope1.25"100'3-strand twist, pre-spliced eye & UV treated
FSE Rigging 1.25" Manila Rope 100'1.25"100'Double braided, naturally durable fibers, UV resistant
Marina 100' x 1.25" Manila Nylon Rope1.25"100'Extra strength core, flexible & pliable fibers

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