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15' Agility Ladder

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15' Agility Ladder

The 15 ft Agility Ladder from Rogue Fitness is the perfect training tool for anyone looking for an easy to set up, affordable agility and speed training system. This ladder features 15-inch flat plastic rungs with a total length of 45 feet in 2-inch rung spacing. The rungs are connected by heavy-duty webbing, reinforced with metal grommets at each connection, so they'll stay securely in place during workouts. The ladder rolls up into a small, 15-inch diameter bag and comes with a carrying handle for portability and storage. This ladder is suitable for a range of drills, such as running drills, lateral drills, circling drills, shuffle drills, jumping drills and more. It can be used by athletes of any age and skill level, whether they are just starting out or are looking to take their agility and speed to a higher level. The ladder also works great for fitness Boot Camps, as well as group training sessions. With its tough, durable construction, the 15 ft Agility Ladder will provide you with plenty of use and value for your money.


Pros & Cons


• Easily stored

• Lightweight and portable

• Improves coordination, balance, and agility

• Can be used on any surface

• Can be incorporated into a variety of different workouts


• Highly visible on gym floors

• Can be kicked around while in use

• More expensive than other agility training products

-Can be time-Consuming to use

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Athletes looking to increase agility and speed

• Fitness enthusiasts looking for a home gym set up

• Educators looking for an interactive way to engage students

Who should not buy:

• People who are not looking for a durable ladder

• People who do not have a need for an agility ladder


-15 ft Length

-12 Durable Rungs

-3 feet between each Runge

-Sturdy PVC construction

-Comes with hook-and-loop straps to anchor

-Folds up for easy storage

-Lightweight and Portable

Powermax 15' Agility Ladder15' adjustable nylon-encased steel rails; 10 rungs spaced 12" apart; 4 moveable pegs for easy storage; anti-slip treads
Sportly 14' Speed Ladder14' adjustable flexible steel rails; 10 rungs spaced 12" apart; foldable for easy storage; anti-skid base
LiveCity 12' Agility Ladder12' adjustable vinyl-encased steel rails; 10 rungs spaced 12" apart; adjustable hook & loop fastener; top-tier materials
Step And Go 10' Agility Ladder10' adjustable PVC-encased steel rails; 10 rungs spaced 12" apart; foldable design for easy storage; skid-resistant material

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