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15KG Competition Single Plate (IWF) - Closeout

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15KG Competition Single Plate (IWF) - Closeout

The 15kg Competition Single Plate from Rogue Fitness is an IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) certified Olympic plate. This plate is designed to help athletes reach a higher level of performance through its ability to be used for Olympic competitive weightlifting. This plate is cast from durable, professional-grade iron and has a black matte finish with raised silver numbers and letters that indicate the weight of the plate. This Olympic-style plate has a 2-inch stainless steel hub in the center, which allows for easy loading and unloading of the plate onto the bar. The edges are beveled to reduce any potential damage caused to the athlete or the floor. The plate is made to Olympic specs, is tested to meet IWF standards and is reverse-tested to 10 times its nominal weight. It is designed to be reliable and durable and is recommended for high-intensity workouts. Its size allows for easy storage, yet offers a sufficient challenge for rigorous workouts.


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Pros & Cons


• Accurate weight tolerance – +/- 10 grams

• IWF color-coded Olympic weight plate design for easy identification

• Hardened chrome finish for dust and wear resistance

• stainless steel steel insert provides rigidity and durability

• mm opening for standard and Olympic bars

• Perfect for any powerlifting, Olympic, or cross training style workout


• Limited number of plates depending on availability and availability

• Expensive compared to other plates

• Single plates are less versatile than multiple plate set

• Can only add up to 15kg per plate depending on weight of other plates

Who Should Buy

Someone who should buy the 15kg Competition Single Plate IWF Closeout is an individual who is interested in toning their body and improving their strength. This product is a weightlifting plate that is used to increase the intensity of workouts, which can lead to improved results. someone who should not buy the 15kg Competition Single Plate IWF Closeout is an individual who is not interested in weightlifting or improving their strength.


• Weight: 15 Kg (33 lb)

• Certification: IWF Standard

• Diameter: 450 mm

• Center Hub Hole: 50.9 mm

• Plate Style: Competition

• Finish: Gloss

• Change of Color: No Changes

• Grip Width: Varies from 25.4 mm to 50.1 mm

• Thickness: 42 mm

• Surface Design: 5 Hubs with Solid Inner Ring

• Closeout: Yes

ProductWeight (KG)Size (mm)Grip MarkingsPrice (USD)
Rogue 15KG Competition Single Plate (IWF) - Closeout15450IWF89
REP 15kg 5 Stage Calibrated Competition Plate15450IWF135
Vulcan Calibrated Steel KG Competition Bumper Plate15450IWF199
Uesaka Competition Bumper Plate 10-15KG15450IWF184
Ivanko Competition French Kettlebell Plate15450Metric/Kilograms186

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