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Spud Inc 2-Ply Deadlift Belt

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Spud Inc 2-Ply Deadlift Belt

The Rogue 2-Ply Deadlift Belt is a high-quality essential accessory for weightlifters who need extra support and stability during heavy lifting. This belt is made of two layers of heavy-duty 10mm thick leather and features a single-prong, aluminum buckle to ensure a secure and adjustable fit. The stiff support and closure system of Rogue’s 2-ply belt protects and holds your core, reducing the risk of strain and tear. The contoured design provides a more comfortable fit, while the oiled leather will break in over time and mold to your body shape. The edges of the belt are buffed and burnished, giving you an extra layer of support and giving you superior comfort. The Rogue 2-Ply Deadlift Belt is an investment in your longevity as it is strong enough to support heavy lifts and lightweight enough to allow for breathability during strenuous workouts.

  • 2-Ply Deadlift Belt - S

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  • 2-Ply Deadlift Belt - M

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  • 2-Ply Deadlift Belt - L

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  • 2-Ply Deadlift Belt - XL

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  • 2-Ply Deadlift Belt - XXL

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Pros & Cons


• High quality 6mm thickness for extra support

• Includes a steel buckle that allows for quick and easy use

• Contoured shape helps reduce discomfort while deadlifting

• Available in four different sizes to fit most sizes

• Equipped with rubberized interior to reduce slipping and bunching


• Not ideal for heavier weights

• Different belt sizes can vary in length

• Rubberized interior may heat up during intense workouts

• Higher price point compared to similar products

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Experienced lifters who want to prevent back injuries

• People looking for higher-level support

• Competitors who compete in weightlifting/powerlifting/CrossFit

Who Should Not Buy:

• Beginners with no deadlifting experience

• People who are not participating in competitive sports and don't need extra support

• People who solely use weight machines and don't perform any type of Olympic lifting


-Double layered of 8 millimeter thick 100 percent leather

-Stitched for durability

-7mm neoprene back liner for comfort and warmth

-Trimmed and edge dressed

-10-inch width for male and female applications

-Includes detachable roller buckle/keeper for easy fastening and unfastening

-Extra heavy duty construction

-Available in sizes: Small (24"), Medium (27"), Large (30"), X-Large (33")

Spud Inc 2-Ply Deadlift BeltNylon & Suede10mm4"3"$43.95
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Best Fitness Weightlifting BeltCarbon Steel and Leather10mm4"4"$41.95
Kunto Fitness Weightlifting BeltHeavy Duty Nylon10mm4.5"3"$24.95
Fire Team Fit Weightlifting BeltNylon and Neoprene10mm4"4"$29.97

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