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Rogue Euro 28MM Olympic Weightlifting Bar

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Rogue Euro 28MM Olympic Weightlifting Bar

The 28MM Rogue EU Oly WL Bar With Center Knurl is an Olympic weightlifting bar designed to help athletes achieve peak performance. The bar features a 28MM steel shaft with a black zinc finish. This finish provides superior grip, especially when lifting heavier weights. The center knurl features 2mm depth for added grip and stability. The dual knurl marks assist with proper hand placement for snatch, clean, and jerk movements. At the outer section of the bar, an oval-shaped brass insert is included, allowing a secure fit on the sleeves and preventing rotation. The chrome-plated sleeves are designed with a 16.4" loadable sleeve length and bearing mechanism, providing an incredibly smooth spin. The weight of the bar is 20kg/44LB and it has a tensile strength rating of 195KPSI, making it incredibly durable. The bar is certified IWF Standard, making it approved for use in international Olympic weightlifting competitions. This top-of-the-line bar is ideal for athletes looking for a reliable barbell to reach peak performance.


Pros & Cons


• mm diameter with center knurl designed for Olympic weightlifting

• Chrome-sleeve Construction is highly durable

• Tensile strength of 215,000 PSI for reliable performance

• No welding, brass bushings, or center components

• Compatible with standard weightlifting plates and collars


• Can be expensive for budget-minded fitness enthusiasts

• Center knurl not suitable for all movements or body types

• Limited color options available for sleeve construction

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Competitive weightlifters who require a certified, high-quality bar

• Recreational weightlifters who want a bar with a center knurl for improved grip

Who Should Not Buy:

• CrossFitters not interested in Olympic-style weightlifting

• Powerlifters who mostly perform squats and bench press and would benefit from a bar without center knurl


- 28mm diameter

- Shaft length – 2200mm

- Sleeve length – 340mm

- 19mm bronze bushings

- 200,000 PSI tensile strength

- Snap ring design on shaft

- Aggressive knurling

- Black manganese phosphate shaft finish

- Bright zinc sleeve finish

- Dual knurl marks for Olympic and Powerlifting

- Pressure Tested to 15,000 LBS

- Made in the USA

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