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30' Agility Ladder

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30' Agility Ladder

The 30-Agility Ladder from Rogue Fitness is a must-have tool for sports team training and conditioning. Constructed with reinforced vinyl and designed with 18 polymer composite rungs, this agility ladder is built to last and provides a versatile piece of equipment for athletes to hone their skills. The flexible rungs are adjustable to various lengths and patterns, allowing athletes to create a creative workout tailored to their needs. The base and rungs also fold for easy transportation and storage, making this ladder a great option for any traveling teams. An included carry bag ensures that the ladder and its accessores are easy to carry, even on long journeys. For use in drills, the 30-Agility Ladder not only offers an effective and lightweight workout solution, but also produces results with top-level performance. Its durability and versatility make it a great choice for team coaches to add to their practice regimens, and athletes to increase their agility, power and overall fitness levels.


Pros & Cons


• Improve agility, coordination, balance, and footwork

• Portable and lightweight

• Customizable length and design

• High-quality, durable Construction

• Good for athletes of all skill levels


• Can slip out of alignment

• Not suitable for outdoor use

• Unattachable pouches for storage

Who Should Buy


• Those looking for an easy-to-set-up agility ladder

• People needing an inexpensive and durable agility ladder

• Athletes looking to improve footwork and coordination


• People looking for a full-sized agility ladder

• Those needing an agility ladder that is quickly adjustable in length or width


- 30ft long

- 9 rungs

- 1.5" wide plastic rungs

- 4" spacing between rungs

- Constructed from nylon webbing for durability

- Adjustable rubber straps for easy setup

- Includes carry bag

- Lightweight and portable

- Great for any fitness level


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