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4" Cone Marker

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4" Cone Marker

The Rogue 4-Cone Marker is an essential piece of gym equipment for any training facility or home gym. Constructed with heavy-duty PVC, this cone marker is built to last and is perfect for all sorts of training drills such as agility, footwork, and cone drills. Each cone can be adjusted from 8” up to 12” with the included PVC extenders and the included plastic pegs make them easy to secure in place. The 4-Cone Marker is brightly colored for visibility, making it great for group activities or competitions. The cones can also be filled with sand to add weight and further increase their stability on any surface. The cone base is designed with a large hole for easy transportation and storage. The Rogue 4-Cone Marker is an excellent piece of training equipment that is sure to last. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making it great for exercises both indoors and outdoors. With its durable construction and adjustable height, this cone marker is perfect for any client to help reach their fitness goals.

  • 4" Cone Marker

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  • 4" Cone Marker - 6 Pack

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Pros & Cons


• Reusable cones come in four bright colors and sizes

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

• Made of heavy-duty vinyl and waterproof material

• Easy to assemble and take down

• Non-slip bottom for increased stability


• Can be expensive depending on quantity purchased

• Not ideal for use on certain surfaces, such as grass or sand

• Not adjustable in size, so they may not suit everyone's individual needs

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking for drills to increase speed and agility

• Coaches looking for reliable equipment to use for training sessions

• Physical education teachers looking for equipment to use for teaching athletics

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for home décor

• Those who are not athletically inclined

• Anyone without access to an open outdoor or indoor space in which to use the markers


- Highly visible color

- 4" in diameter

- Constructed from tough, weather-resistant polyethylene

- Cone marker indicates a zone to guide players

- Available in a variety of colors

ProductTip SizeTip TypeLine WidthInk Color
PowerMax 4" Cone4"Cone2-4mmBlack
Sharpie Magnum6"Bullet2-5mmBlack
Posca PC 5M5mmBullet0.7mmBlack, White & Metallic
Sharpie Chisel6-15mmChisel1-5mmBlack
Pentel King Ultra3mmBullet0.5mmBlue, Red & Black

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