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5 Alpha Package - 5 Person Affiliate

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5 Alpha Package - 5 Person Affiliate

-package The 5 Alpha Package 5 Person Affiliate Package from Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive set of fitness equipment that's designed to help create the ultimate home gym. This package includes five essential pieces of equipment designed to give you a well-rounded workout. Included in the package are a Rogue Fitness RM-4 Monster Rack, a Rogue Utah Pent Plan Spotter Platform, a Rogue Westside Bench 2.0, a rogue S-2 Squat Stand, and a Rogue F-2 Four Pegs Plate Storage. The Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack features a robust construction that's ideal for providing stability during big lifts. It's constructed with heavy-gauge steel and is equipped with 2"x 3" uprights, a pull-up bar with multiple heights, and 17 various starting positions. The frame can be adjusted with dual j-cups and extended long-term memory lock system regardless of weight on the bar. The package also includes two barbells with a 200 lb. weight capacity. The Rogue Utah Pent Plan Spotter Platform is made with dense, high-grade wood and provides an additional layer of safety when using heavy weights. It features quiet, gliding wheels to make maneuvering a breeze, and it swivels out of the way to help conserve valuable floor space when not in use. The Rogue Westside Bench 2.0 is a heavy-duty, fully adjustable weight bench. The frame is constructed with steel and is built to withstand any type of exercise regimen. It has 41 adjustable positions, 5 different seat heights, two bar catches, two separate heel catches and a pull-up bar. The Rogue S-2 Squat Stand features a solid steel frame and is ideal for squats, overhead presses, and other challenging movements. It has a 400 lb capacity and is compatible with a wide range of accessories that can be added to customize the experience. Finally, the Rogue F-2 Four Pegs Plate Storage unit is designed to fit up to six plates securely. Its small profile allows you to maximize your home gym space, while the casters make for easy mobility. The 5 Alpha Package 5 Person Affiliate Package from Rogue Fitness provides a comprehensive set of equipment to help create the ultimate home gym. All of the equipment is designed with durability, functionality, and ergonomics in mind to ensure the user can get the most out of their workout. Perfect for commercial or home gyms alike, the package provides everything necessary to make the most out of your workout experience.


Pros & Cons


• person set allows for more flexibility and different customization options

- Heavy-duty Construction for maximum durability

• Pull-up bar and dip bars to suit beginners and advanced athletes

• Includes lifting platforms to increase safety

• Versatile storage accessories such as wall ball, medball, and medicine ball stands


• Expensive compared to similar products

• Complicated assembly process

• Heavy weight may make it difficult to move around

• Not suitable for small spaces

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals who want to experience the benefits of a full gym without a high price tag

• Businesses or organizations seeking to save money by setting up a quality fitness space with minimal cost

• Groups of friends or family wishing to have a shared public gym in their home

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who do not have ample space to accommodate the equipment

• People who cannot commit to regular maintenance of the equipment

• People who are not willing to spend the money required to make the setup feasible


• 5 licenses with full access to our full suite of products

• Technical support from our team of experts

• Access to our affiliate education platform

• Customised development roadmap to ensure you maximise the value of our services

• Dedicated account manager to provide support and guidance

ProductDimensionsWeightComfort CapacityPrice
Rogue 5 Alpha Package - 5 Person Affiliate78"L x 78"W x 72"H804 lbs5 People$2149
Gorilla Crosstraining 12 FT Rig - 5 Person Affiliated144"L x 83"W x 88"H1204 lbs5 People$1599
Force USA Monster G9 - 5 Person Affiliated203.2"L x 97.6"W x 91.4"H1817.75 lbs5 People$3195
Vulcan Pro Power Rack- 5 Person Affiliated131"L x 101"W x 86"H1176 lbs5 People$2127
Valor Fitness BD-93 - 5 Person Affiliate88"L x 69"W x 86"H698 lbs5 People$2589

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